• 3.1 Objectives

The objectives of Professional Performance Committees (PPC) shall be:

(1) to consider constructively and make recommendations regarding the professional practice of nursing,       and

(2) to consider and recommend ways and means to improve patient care.

  • 3.2 Composition

A PPC shall be composed of registered nurses covered by this MOU.

  • 3.3 Meetings

(1) The PPC may post notices of meetings on authorized bulletin boards and utilize County premises for their meetings.

(2) Not more than six (6) Public Health Nurses shall be excused from duty with pay, for up to two (2) hours each in any one (1) month to participate in the PPC activities.

(3) Not more than ten (10) Registered Nurses/Nurse Practitioners from Hospitals, Clinics and/or      Correctional Health shall be paid at the straight time rate up to two (2) hours each in any one (1) month, to participate in PPC This shall be considered voluntary attendance at a meeting and shall not be compensable at the overtime rate. Of these ten (10) PPC members, up to two (2) seats will be dedicated to Registered Nurses from clinics located in North and South County nurses, and not more than three (3) Nurse Practitioners shall be paid to participate in PPC activities in any given month.

RN’s and NP’s from the hospital, corrections, or clinics may attend scheduled meetings that do not conflict with patient coverage and/or result in using additional staff for coverage. The location of such meetings will be determined by the PPC Committee and may be rotated as appropriate.

(4) The Community Mental Health PPC shall continue to meet regularly every six (6)

(5) Special meetings of the PPC with administration of the facility may be scheduled on County-time with the approval of the department director.

(6) The PPC will supply a copy of the agenda and minutes of its meetings to the department director.

(7) The department director will respond in thirty (30) calendar days either in writing or in person to any Committee recommendations concerning nursing practices, health and safety issues, and patient care.

  • 3.4 Ad Hoc Acuity System Sub-Committee

Two Registered Nurses from the PPC shall be selected by CNA to serve on a joint Labor- Management ad hoc subcommittee to participate in implementing the Hospital’s acuity staffing system. This subcommittee will reconvene to conduct an annual review and evaluation of the Hospital’s staffing acuity system. The total number of management representatives shall be no more than the total combined labor representation.