The County will notify the Union of its intent to contract or subcontract work customarily performed by members of California Nurses Association where such contracting or subcontracting would result in loss or potential loss through attrition or layoff of such bargaining unit members.  The County will make such notification at least ninety (90) calendar days in advance of such action.  The notice shall include an explanation of the County’s reason for proposing such contracting/subcontracting.  The Union shall be given the opportunity to meet with the county to discuss the decision to contract out, and to meet and confer on the effect of such contracting out upon its members.  The Union shall have thirty (30) calendar days from the date of such notification to propose effective and economical alternative ways in which such services could continue to be provided by the County’s own employees.

Both parties agree that utilization of Registry and Travelers nurses is not intended to replace or eliminate efforts to recruit and hire regular staff nurses and is not considered to be contracting/subcontracting.