SUBJECT: Data Processing Committees

APPROVED: County Manager


DATE: February 1, 1984

Data Processing Advisory Committee

The major users of data processing services are appointed by the County Manager as members of the Data Processing Advisory Committee. The quarterly committee meetings provide a forum for the Manager of Data Processing to discuss plans, priorities, problems and project status with users. The meetings also offer the users an opportunity to ask questions, comment on data processing issues and maintain an awareness of the state of data processing in the county.

Data Processing Coordinating Committee

The role of the Data Processing Coordinating Committee is to pro- vide data processing technical assistance

This includes:

  1. Developing and recommending an annual county-wide plan for data processing services, including major planned purchases and major new projects
  2. Developing and maintaining county-wide standards for hardware, software and Data Processing operations
  3. Reviewing and making recommendations on all major new system specifications and all major purchases of hardware, software and contractor services to ensure that they are the most cost effective proposals and are consistent with county-wide standards
  4. Participating and providing technical assistance to all committees established to solicit, analyze and make recommendations on proposals for Data Processing systems or services
  5. Ensuring county-wide compliance of present and future systems with policy and standards through a periodic formal EDP audit
  6. Providing informal consultation to departments that want to explore possible Data Processing applications or alternatives

The membership of the Coordinating Committee is appointed by the County Manager and includes:

  • A representative from the County Manager’s Office
  • The Manager of the Data Processing Division, General Services Department
  • A representative from each major shared computers systems