ADMlNISTRATIVE MEMORANDUM COUNTY OF SAN MATEO Number: D-14 SUBJECT: Mail Bag Security RESPONSIBLE DEPARTMENT: Employee and Public Services APPROVED: County Manager Date: June 28, 2000 This memorandum revises Mail security bags/treasurer deposit bags should not contain in excess of $4,000 in cash. The following procedures ensure the safe handling of money and other negotiable instruments by the County’s inter-office motorized Mail Service. All currency and other readily negotiable instruments carried by the County’s inter-office Mail-Service shall be transported in locked security bags supplied by Mail Services. The security bags used by departments are to be numbered sequentially to separately identify each bag and to provide properRead More →

ADMINISTRATIVE MEMORANDUM COUNTY OF SAN MATEO SUBJECT: Property Found at County Facilities RESPONSIBLE DEPARTMENT: General Services APPROVED: County Manager NUMBER: D-12 DATE: November 5, 1986 The following outlines the procedures to be used in handling lost and found items. Items with a Value of Less Than $10.00 Lost items which are discovered by a county employee or by a member of the public should be taken to the nearest county office. That office will hold the property for three days and, if unclaimed, the property will be delivered to the.Building Services Unit of the General- Services Department in Redwood City. If necessary, a day service worker from theRead More →

ADMINISTRATIVE MEMORANDUM COUNTY OF SAN MATEO SUBJECT: Travel Arrangements RESPONSIBLE DEPARTMENT: General Services NUMBER: D-11 APPROVED: County Manager DATE: August 10, 1984 Each fiscal year the Chair of the Board of Supervisors designates the official travel agent that will make travel arrangements for county travel. Departments process travel authorizations directly to the travel agent. Payment is made on a direct claim (blue claim). Travel arrangements should be made by departments as early as possible. This becomes particularly important in view of the fact that some airlines offer substantial discounts if reservations are made a month or more in advance. All department heads should take fullRead More →

ADMINISTRATIVE MEMORANDUM COUNTY OF SAN MATEO NUMBER: D-10 SUBJECT: County Collection Policy RESPONSIBLE DEPARTMENT: Employee & Public Services APPROVED: County Manager DATE: August 8,2000 This memorandum establishes guidelines and procedures for the disposition of delinquent accounts receivable for County funded programs. Delinquent Accounts/Returned Checks An account is delinquent when: 1) a check is returned unpaid; 2) payment has not been received 60 days after the first billing; 3) the bill is returned to the County because of a change of address; 4) a County department has reason to believe that the debtor will not make payment. All delinquent accounts should be turned over to RevenueRead More →

ADMINISTRATIVE MEMORANDUM COUNTY OF SAN MATEO NUMBER: D-9 SUBJECT: Loss of Money and Securities RESPONSIBLE DEPARTMENT: Human Resources APPROVED: John L. Maltbie, County Manager DATE: October 27, 2014 County funds, securities, equipment and personal property are occasionally lost because of theft or other disappearance. The County, through the Risk Management Division of the Human Resources Department, insures against these types of losses through a crime policy or fidelity. In the case of a loss, the affected department should immediately contact the Sheriff’s Office or the local police department that has jurisdiction. It is also essential that the Risk Management Division, Controller’s Office and District Attorney’s Bureau ofRead More →

ADMINISTRATIVE MEMORANDUM COUNTY OF SAN MATEO RESPONSIBLE DEPARTMENT: County Manager SUBJECT: Data Processing Committees APPROVED: County Manager NUMBER: D-8 DATE: February 1, 1984 Data Processing Advisory Committee The major users of data processing services are appointed by the County Manager as members of the Data Processing Advisory Committee. The quarterly committee meetings provide a forum for the Manager of Data Processing to discuss plans, priorities, problems and project status with users. The meetings also offer the users an opportunity to ask questions, comment on data processing issues and maintain an awareness of the state of data processing in the county. Data Processing Coordinating Committee The role ofRead More →

ADMINISTRATIVE MEMORANDUM COUNTY OF’ SAN MATEO SUBJECT: Office Maintenance RESPONSIBLE DEPARTMENT: General Services APPROVED: County Manager NUMBER: D-7 DATE: February 1, 1984 Routine Office Maintenance All requests for routine maintenance should be directed to the appropriate supervisory Stationary Engineer assigned to the department facility requiring service. The Stationary Engineer will determine if the request can be accomplished within the General Services maintenance budget-or whether it must be deferred for later funding through the Special Job/Capital Project major maintenance process. Department heads should inform the Director of General Services, in writing, of the names of supervisors authorized to place maintenance requests. Safety Hazards Locations for telephone andRead More →

ADMINISTRATIVE MEMORANDUM COUNTY OF SAN MATEO SUBJECT: Offers of Art Work RESPONSIBLE DEPARTMENT: General Services APPROVED: County Manager NUMBER: D-6 DATE: February 1, 1984 At the earliest possible opportunity the Board of Supervisors should be made aware of art offered to the county for permanent display or installation in county facilities. The Board will make an initial determination regarding the location, medium and general subject of the art work. The proposed project will then be referred to the Director of Community Services who will obtain a recommendation from the San Mateo County Arts Council. After consulting with the County Manager and the Director of General Services, theRead More →

ADMINISTRATIVE MEMORANDUM COUNTY OF SAN MATEO NUMBER: D-5 SUBJECT: Use of Cars for County Business RESPONSIBLE DEPARTMENT: General Services DATE: August 2, 1993 Use of County Cars County cars may not be used to conduct personal business. Seat Belts When on County business, whether in County-owned or privately-owned automobiles, drivers and passengers must use seat belts. If seat belts in County vehicles are in any way defective, the vehicle may not be used and the motor pool notified immediately. All privately owned vehicles used for County business must have working seat belts. Accident Reporting Instructions for accidents and en1ergencies may be found in the gloveRead More →

ADMINISTRATIVE MEMORANDUM COUNTY OF SAN MATEO SUBJECT: Office Space Request RESPONSIBLE DEPARTMENT: General Services NUMBER: D-3 DATE: February 1, 1984 All requests for additional office space should be included in departmental budget requests. Departments should consult General Services by November 15, regarding any change in office space during the ensuing fiscal year. Requests for new office space must include a complete description of the activities to be conducted and the number and type of positions involved. New space requests must include furniture requirements for each person and any special needs such as laboratories, or waiting rooms of a specific size. If there is a requirement thatRead More →

ADMINISTRATIVE MEMORANDUM COUNTY OF SAN MATEO NUMBER: D-2 SUBJECT: Office Lighting Levels RESPONSIBLE DEPARTMENT: General Services APPROVED: County Manager DATE: February 1, 1984 As part of the county’s ongoing energy management program, the following light levels have been established for all county facilities: Footcandles Illumination Normal office work (reading, writing, intermittent filing) 50 +/- 10 Office work requiring extensive filing, taking shorthand or frequent bookkeeping or drafting 75 +/- 15 Office work requiring extensive bookkeeping, drafting or other visually difficult critical tasks 100 +/- 20 Work and circulation areas surrounding work stations 30 +/- 5 Hallways and corridors 10 +/- 5 Restrooms 20 +/- 5 Outdoor securityRead More →