SUBJECT: Expense Reimbursement Policy



DATE: February 27, 1991

Effective Monday, March 11, 1991, travel expenses incurred by San Mateo County employees should be submitted and will be reimbursed on a monthly basis (once per month).

The following outline is intended to clarify this new policy

  1. Employee expense reimbursement forms and all required documentation should be submitted by the department to the Controller’s Office by 12:00 noon three working days after each pay period. This will normally allow employees to submit expense reimbursement forms with their timesheets
  2. Only one expense reimbursement form per employee should be submitted to the Controller’s Office for payment during a one-month period. If more than one expense reimbursement form is received from anemployee during the one-month period, the form will be returned to the employee’s department by the Controller’s Office
  3. Expense reimbursements will be made by the Controller’s Office for employee expenses incurred within the previous 90-day period. Any expenses submitted more than 90 days after the expense was incurred will not be reimbursed without sign-off by the department head, approving the late submission
  4. Payment of employee expense reimbursements will be made within one week of the most current cut-off date following receipt in the Controller’s Office

The purpose of this new policy is to make the expense reimbursement process as efficient as possible. Limiting submissions to once a month reduces staff processing time in the departments and the Controller’s Office. Processing expenses in a timely manner improves budgetary control and simplifies processing.