The County shall include extra-help employees on lists which provide information regarding additions and deletions to the Union’s bargaining units, as well as which extra-help employees were having Union dues withheld from their pay checks as of the date the roster was prepared.

The County shall supply to the Union on a biweekly electronic and sortable data processing run of the names, classifications, work locations, work, home, and personal cellular telephone numbers on file with the County, personal email addresses on file with the County, and home addresses on file with the County of all employees in the units represented by the Union. For extra-help employees hired sixty (60) days following the adoption of this Agreement, hours listed will include only hours worked in an extra-help, rather than regular, capacity, except for persons who fluctuate between regular and extra-help status during the course of their County employment.  The County shall notify the Union of extra-help employees who are on an unpaid status in excess of twenty-eight (28) days.

Such lists shall be supplied without cost to the Union, provided that Union-requested changes to the report will be charged to the Union.