The County shall include extra-help employees on lists which provide information regarding additions and deletions to the Union’s bargaining units, as well as which extra-help employees were having Union dues withheld from their pay checks as of the date the roster was prepared. The County shall supply to the Union on a biweekly electronic and sortable data processing run of the names, classifications, work locations, work, home, and personal cellular telephone numbers on file with the County, personal email addresses on file with the County, and home addresses on file with the County of all employees in the units represented by the Union. For extra-helpRead More →

The County and the Unions shall continue to work on best practices to ensure labor access to new employees for the purpose of educating them on their representation opportunities.  Toward that goal, the County shall administer an opportunity for the Union to meet with new employees as follow: All new employees are encouraged to attend the first new employee benefits orientation following the commencement of their employment.  New Employee Benefits Orientation is scheduled for every other Monday, and the Unions will have up to thirty (30) minutes at the end of each session to provide information regarding its organization to its represented employees and members.Read More →

Except in cases of emergency as provided below in this subsection, the Union, if affected, shall be given reasonable advance written notice of any ordinance, resolution, any new or permanent or temporary change to a County policy, rule or regulation directly relating to matters within the scope of representation proposed to be adopted by the County, and shall be given the opportunity to meet with the appropriate management representatives prior to adoption. In cases of emergency when the foregoing procedure is not practical or in the best public interest, the County may adopt or put into practice immediately such measures as are required. At theRead More →

The Union shall be allowed by a County department, in which it represents extra-help employees, use of a designated bulletin board space for communications having to do with official organization business. The department involved and/or Employee and Labor Relations will investigate problems that the Union identifies with respect to use of these bulletin boards. The Union may distribute materials to extra-help employees within the unit it represents through County mail and email distribution channels if approved by Employee and Labor Relations. This privilege may be revoked in the event of abuse after Employee and Labor Relations consults with representatives of the Union.  The content ofRead More →

The Union shall indemnify, defend, and save the County harmless against any and all claims, demands, suits, orders, or judgments, or other forms of liability or damages that arise out of or by reason of this union security Section, or action taken or not taken by the County under this Section. This includes, but is not limited to, the County’s attorney’s fees and costs.Read More →

The Union shall have the dues of its members within a representation unit deducted from employees’ paychecks under procedures prescribed by the County Controller for such deductions. The deduction shall be made only after the Union certifies to the County a list of employees who have authorized such deductions.  Where the County receives employee requests to cancel or change deductions, the County will direct employees to the Union.  The Human Resources Department and the Controller’s Office will work to provide that dues deductions are promptly terminated when an extra-help employee transfers out of union representation through a change in classification or status. Extra-help employees mayRead More →