SUBJECT: Grant Applications


APPROVED: John L. Maltbie, County Manager

DATE: October 27, 2014


The purpose of this memorandum is to bring current the established guidelines for applying for grant funding and authorize departments to apply for grants which are within the operational scope of their department. This Administrative Memorandum rescinds and replaces Administrative memorandum B-5 (December 2, 1996).


Prior to 1996, the County’s policy required County Manger and Board of Supervisors approval prior to submitting a grant application to a prospective funding source. This policy constrained departments when applying for grants as there was frequently insufficient time to obtain advance authorization from the Board. The revised policy, which remains unchanged, eliminated the requirement for advance approval of grant applications unless required by the grantor or when matching funds exceeded $250,000 or were not budgeted.


Application to outside funding sources for activities within the purview of a Department Head is encouraged and may be pursued as allowed by each department’s procedures.

There is no County requirement that a grant application be brought to the Board of Supervisors for approval. If matching funds are required which exceed $250,000 or are not specifically budgeted for this purpose in the department budget, then County Manager’s review is required.

When a grantor requires a Resolution from the Board of Supervisors as an element of the application, then Board authorization must be obtained per the provisions in Administrative Memorandum B-4 (Guidelines for Board Memorandums and Agenda Items). The resolution must contain a request for authorization to apply for the grant, including a description of the grant. The Board transmittal should include all relevant information about the grant. In some instances the grantor may provide a form of Resolution in the application materials.

If a department misses the timeline to get the Resolution on the last available agenda prior to the application deadline, the department may request approval for a late submission of the item from the County Manager.