SUBJECT: Legislative Program



DATE: June 16, 1986

Legislative Program

The county legislative program is established by the Board of Supervisors and is coordinated through the County Manager’s Office. Individual departments, with assistance from the County Manager’s Office, the County Supervisors Association, and other associations will monitor state and federal legislation in their areas of responsibility.

Legislation will be presented to the Board of Supervisors when there is a controversial subject or major public policy issue and Board direction is needed, or where it is clear that a Board position will have an impact on the outcome of pending legislation. The County Manager’s Office will advise departments on which legislation should be brought to the Board of Supervisors and which legislation can be handled administratively

County Manager’s Office

An official county position of support or opposition regarding legislation will be established based on direction by the Board of Supervisors. The County Manager’s Office can advise departments on this matter, Department heads may indicate a departmental position on legislation but must keep the County Manager’s Office informed of such activities. Legislative activities of various advisory commissions and councils do not need to be coordinated with the County Manager’s Office. If such commissions and councils desire an official county position on legislation, these groups should work through the appropriate department head or the County Manager’s Office if no department is responsible for the group

The County Manager’s Office will assist departments in monitoring legislation utilizing a computerized legislative information system. Copies of legislation and other documents may be requested through the County Manager’s Office.  The county employs a contract lobbyist to provide assistance on major legislative issues.  The services of the lobbyist are utilized under the direction of the County Manager’s Office.

Department Responsibility

County departments will keep in contact with the County Manager’s Office regarding:

  1. Testimony before legislative committees: Departments shall notify the County Manager’s Office prior to providing testimony
  2. Correspondence with legislators: Copies of all correspondence shall be sent to the County Manager’s Office
  3. Board agenda items: If it is necessary to bring a legislative matter to the Board of Supervisors, the County Manager’s Office will advise the department on the appropriate method for communicating with the Board. In some cases, a standard Board Agenda item will be appropriate and should be prepared in conformance with Administrative Memorandum B-4
  4. The State Political Reform Act requires the county to submit periodic reports on the county’s efforts to influence legislative or state administrative action. Departments will be requested by the County Manager’s Office to provide quarterly reports listing their employees that have had contact with state officials.