NUMBER: B-12.1

SUBJECT: Department Hosting Authority for County Sponsored Events and Activities

RESPONSIBLE DEPARTMENT: County Manager/Clerk of the Board

DATE: 2-27-13


The purpose of this memo is to establish policies and procedures consistent with Section 2.12.290 of the San Mateo County Ordinance Code, related to the hosting of events that will be of benefit to the County such as conventions, conferences, trainings, or special meetings.

When the employees or officers of the County of San Mateo act as host for a convention, conference, training, or special meeting, the expenses may be paid by the County. These events may include non-County participants. This policy is intended for hosting of any event, regardless of funding source. Departments must establish internal controls for documenting all hosting expenditures, regardless of the cost, and all payments must be made in accordance with other existing County policies and procedures for expenditures. Events that are social in nature such as parties, retirements, holiday events, and picnics are expected to be paid by the participants and are not legitimate departmental operating expenses.

Hosting Authority for Events $2,500 and Below

Gross expenditures up to $2,500 per hosted event, or a cumulative amount of up to

$2,500 for a series of events in a single fiscal year, may be authorized by the Department Head or his/her designee. A copy of the approved Authorization to Host form must be submitted to the Controller’s Office along with claims for payment.

Hosting Authority for Events $2,501 and Above

Gross expenditures exceeding $2,500 per hosted event, or a cumulative amount exceeding $2,500 for a series of events in a single fiscal year, require approval of the County Manager prior to the event date. The County Manager may, at his/her discretion, require Board of Supervisors approval.

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