1. Employees in the classes of Criminalist I/II, Forensic Specialist I/II, Sheriff’s Identification Clerk, Sheriff’s Property Officer I/II and Supervising Forensic Specialist shall receive Six Dollars ($6.00) per biweekly pay period.
  2. As a condition of employment, Direct Deposit shall be mandatory for all employees hired after June 24, 2000
  3. In the event that AFSCME Local 829 or SEIU Local 715 negotiate a termination of the employee retirement cost sharing provision, cost sharing will also be terminated for employees represented by the LEU on the same effective date as negotiated by AFSCME or SEIU.4    The classifications of Deputy Coroner, Criminalist II, Forensic Specialist II and Property Officer II assigned to provide lead direction to others in their classifications shall receive a 5.74% differential for all hours worked in said assignment.
  4. The union has indicated their desire to hold an election to modify the current Agency Fee structure to remove the exemption for supervisors. Should the union wish to pursue this election, they will be required to meet any and all legal requirements pertaining to this type of election, including those requirements described in the Employer/Employee Relations Policy. The County shall take any legally required action resulting from the election.
  5. The County shall issue each employee one Flexible Spending Account (FSA) “Debit Card” with a value of two hundred dollars ($200) on January 1, 2015.