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The Employee Relations Division plans and conducts labor negotiations, implements labor agreements, and assists managers and supervisors with employee issues, including corrective action.

LEU 01: Recognition

The Deputy Sheriffs’ Association (DSA), hereinafter referred to as the “Association”, is the recognized employee organization for the Law Enforcement Unit, certified pursuant to ResolutionRead More →

LEU 04: County Rights

Except where modified by this MOU, the County retains the exclusive right to determine the methods, means and personnel by which County government operations areRead More →

LEU 05: No Discrimination

There shall be no discrimination because of race, creed, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, legitimate employee organization activities, or on the basis of anyRead More →

LEU 06: Salaries

6.1 The salary ranges for all employees in the Law Enforcement representation unit will be as set forth in the Exhibits attached hereto and madeRead More →

LEU 07: Days and Hours of Work

The standard work week for employees occupying full-time positions consists of forty (40) hours unless otherwise specified by the Board of Supervisors. The appointing authority shallRead More →

LEU 08: Overtime

8.1  Authorization All compensable overtime must be authorized by the appointing authority or designated representative prior to being worked. If prior authorization is not feasibleRead More →

LEU 11: On-Call Duty

The Department Head may assign employees to “on-call” status. Effective the first full pay period following Board approval of a successor MOU, employees shall beRead More →

LEU 12: Bilingual Pay

Effective December 30, 2018, a salary differential of seventy dollars ($70) biweekly shall be paid incumbents or positions requiring bilingual proficiency as designated by theRead More →

LEU 16: Severance Pay

If an employee’s position is abolished and they are unable to displace another County employee as provided in Section 15, they shall receive one weekRead More →

LEU 17: Holidays

17.1 Regular full-time employees in established positions shall be entitled to take all authorized holidays at full pay, not to exceed eight (8) hours forRead More →

LEU 18: Vacations

18.1 Vacation Allowance Employees shall be entitled to vacation with pay in accordance with the following schedules. Such accrual shall be pro-rated for any employeesRead More →

LEU 19: Sick Leave

19.1 Accrual Employees shall accrue sick leave at the rate of three and seven tenths (3.7) hours for each biweekly pay period of full-time work.Read More →

LEU 26: Longevity Pay

Effective the pay period following Board approval of the successor MOU, longevity pay shall be paid as follows: (1) One percent (1%) of base salaryRead More →

LEU 29: Promotion

29.1 Examinations (1)   Open Examinations: Any person who meets the minimum qualifications for the job class may compete. (2)   General Promotional Examinations: Permanent and probationaryRead More →

LEU 35: Grievances

35.1 A grievance is any dispute which involves the interpretation or application of any provision of this MOU, excluding those provisions of this MOU whichRead More →

LEU 36: Retirement Plan

36.1 Employees hired before August 7, 2011. Effective March 13, 2005, the County implemented the 2%@55.5 retirement enhancement (Government Code Section 31676.14) for employees inRead More →

LEU 38: Past Practices

Continuance of working conditions and practices not specifically authorized by ordinance or by resolution of the Board of Supervisors is not guaranteed by this MOU.Read More →

LEU MOU Benefits Summary

The following list summarizes the various benefit programs in effect for employees: MEDICAL (Active) The County pays eighty-five percent (85%) of the total premium forRead More →

LEU MOU Exhibit A

Effective the first full pay period following Board approval of a successor MOU, employees in the classes of Supervising Criminalist, Criminalist I/II, , Sheriff’s PropertyRead More →

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Employee & Labor Relations