2.1 Dues Deduction

The County shall rely on a certification from the Association that the Association will maintain an authorization, signed by the individual from whose salary or wages the deduction or reduction is to be made.

The certification shall take the following form:

“I, NAME, TITLE, certify that I am in possession of and will maintain a written authorization for voluntary dues deductions for membership in the DSA. I possess signed authorization forms for each of the individuals on this list from whose salary or wages the deductions is to be made.”

Upon receipt of the certification, the County shall deduct Association dues, initiation fees, assessments, and premiums for approved insurance programs from employee’s pay. The County shall promptly pay over to the designated payee all sums deducted.

If, after all other involuntary and insurance premium deductions are made in any pay period, the balance is not sufficient to pay the deduction of Union dues required by this Section, no such deduction shall be made for the current pay period.

The County shall rely on information provided by the Association regarding whether deductions for an employee organization were properly canceled by the member.

If a dispute arises regarding the existence or terms of the authorization, then the Association will provide a copy of the authorization to the County.

The Association shall indemnify, defend, and save the County harmless against any and all claims, demands, suits, orders, or judgments, or other forms of liability that arise out of or by reason of this Association Security Section, or action taken or not taken by the County under this Section. This includes, but is not limited to, the County’s attorney’s fees and costs.

2.2 Communications with Employees

The Association shall be allowed by County departments in which it represents employees use of available bulletin board space for communications having to do with official Association business, such as times and places of meetings, provided such use does not interfere with department needs. The Association may distribute materials to unit employees through County mail distribution channels if approved by the HRD Director. This privilege may be revoked in the event of abuse after the Director consults with Association representatives. Any Association representative shall give the Department Head or their representative at least twenty‑four (24) hours advance notice when contacting department employees during the duty period of the employees, provided that solicitation for member­ship and other internal Association business shall be conducted only during the non‑duty hours of all employees concerned. Prearrangement for routine contact may be made by agreement between the Association and the department head and when made shall continue until revoked.

2.3  Use of County Buildings

County buildings and facilities may be made available for use by County employees or the Association or its representatives in accordance with such administrative procedures as may be established by the County Manager or department head concerned.

2.4 Advance Notice

Except in cases of emergency as provided below in this subsection, the Association, if affected, shall be given reasonable advance written notice of any ordinance, resolution, rule or regulation directly relating to matters within the scope of representation proposed to be adopted by the County and shall be given the opportunity to meet with the appropriate management representatives prior to adoption. In cases of emergency when the foregoing procedure is not practical or in the best public interest, the County may adopt or put into practice immediately such measures as are required. At the earliest practical date thereafter the Association shall be provided with the notice described in the preceding paragraph and be given an oppor­tunity to meet with the appropriate management representatives.