11. 1 Policy

When warranted and in the interest of County operations, the department head may assign employees to “on-call” status. This Section clarifies the existing process for the assignment of On-Call work for employees represented by the OSS bargaining unit. For the purpose of this Section 11 only, each of the special assignments listed in subsection 11.2 below shall constitute an organizational unit.

11.2 On-Call Assignments

  1. Regular and Required On-Call Assignments: All employees in the following special assignments are assigned regular and required on-call hours for which they earn on-call pay:
  2. Detectives (including Detective Bureau, Airport Detectives, and Transit Detectives)
  3. Bomb Squad
  4. Senior DA Inspectors
  5. Law Liaison


11. 3 Process for Assignment of On-Call Hours

  • Regular and required on-call assignments, and re-assignments as needed due to employee absences, will be assigned on a rotating schedule and equitably distributed to all employees in the special assignment.
  • For voluntary on-call assignments, the Department will solicit volunteers on a rolling basis, and assignments will be provided on a first come, first serve basis. Individual voluntary on-call assignments may be assigned on an ad hoc basis in the absence of sufficient volunteers.

11. 4 On-Call Compensation

Effective the pay period in which the Board of Supervisors approves this successor MOU in 2022, employees shall be paid an hourly rate of five dollars and forty cents $5.40) for time in which they are required to be in an on-call status.

Employees in an on-call status required to report back to work during off-duty hours shall be compensated for a minimum of two (2) hours.

Employees not in an on-call status required to report back to work during off-duty hours shall be compensated for a minimum of (3) hours.

Employees assigned to Telephone Stand-by or assigned to testify in any court proceeding as part of their official duties during off-duty hours are not eligible for on-call pay but shall be compensated for a minimum of three (3) hours if required to report back to work in order to appear in court.

Hours worked contiguous with the employee’s regular shift shall not be subject to call back pay. Employees receiving callback pay shall not be entitled to on-call pay simultaneously.