2.1  Representation
The Organization agrees that it has the duty to provide fair and non-discriminatory representation to all employees in the representation unit regardless of whether they are members of the Organization.

2.2  Dues Deduction
The Organization may have the regular dues of its members within the representation unit deducted from employees’ paychecks under pro­cedures prescribed by the County Controller.  The deduction shall be made only after the Organization certifies to the County a list of employees who have authorized such deductions, and shall continue: (1) until such certification is revoked, in writing, by the Organization; or (2) until the transfer of the employee to a unit represented by another employee organization.

Employees may authorize dues deduc­tions only for the organization certified as the recognized employee organization of the unit to which such employees are assigned.

Not more than once per week (preferably bi-weekly on non-payroll Fridays), the Organization will send a list of changes to its Organization member listing by email to the Controller’s Office at [email protected] with the following Certification statement:

“I, NAME, TITLE, hereby certify that Organization of Sheriff’s Sergeants possesses and will maintain an authorization (for dues deductions and/or voluntary political contribution deductions, as indicated) signed by the individuals on this list from whose salary or wages the deductions is to be made.”

Certified spreadsheets that arrive by the non-payday Friday will be processed for the following week’s payroll.

If, after all other involuntary and insurance premium deductions are made in any pay period, the balance is not sufficient to pay the Organization dues required by this Section, no such deduction will be made for the current pay period.

2.3  Hold Harmless
The Organization shall indemnify, defend, and save the County harmless against any and all claims, demands, suits, orders, or judgments, or other forms of liability that arise out of or by reason of this Organization Security Section (Section 2), or action taken or not taken by the County under this Section. This includes, but is not limited to, the County’s attorney’s fees and costs.

2.4   New Employee Orientation

The County and the Organization shall continue to work on best practices to ensure labor access to new employees for the purpose of educating them on their representation opportunities.  Toward that goal, the County shall administer an opportunity for the Organization to meet with new employees as follows:

All new employees are encouraged to attend the first New Employee Benefits Orientation following the commencement of their employment.  New Employee Benefits Orientation is scheduled for every other Monday, and the Organization will have up to thirty (30) minutes at the end of each session to provide information regarding its organization to its represented employees and members.

For employees who do not attend a New Employee Benefits Orientation within the first month of their employment, the Organization may schedule, at the supervisor’s discretion, up to thirty (30) minutes with each employee to meet directly with them to provide information.  Release Time requested for this activity will be reviewed and approved by Employee Relations under normal Release Time processes.

2.5  Employee Roster

The County shall supply without cost to the Organization a bi-weekly, electronic and sortable data processing run of the names, classifications, work locations, work, home, and personal cellular telephone numbers on file with the County and personal email addresses on file with the County, and home addresses of all employees in the units represented by the Organization. Such lists shall indicate hourly rates of pay, hours worked, gross pay, Organization dues withheld from employees’ checks as of the date the roster was prepared, membership status, the names added to or deleted from the previous list, and whether each such change in status was due to any type of leave of absence, termination, layoff, reemployment after layoff, retirement, or withdrawal from the Organization. The County shall notify the Organization of employees who are on an unpaid status in excess of twenty-eight (28) days.