• Past Practices

Continuance of working conditions and practices not specifically authorized by ordinance or by resolution of the Board of Supervisors is not guaranteed by this Memorandum of Understanding.

  • Existing MOU

This Memorandum of Understanding shall supersede all existing memoranda of understanding between the County and the Union.

A probationary or permanent employee who has resigned in good standing or accepted a voluntary demotion may, within two years following the effective date of the resignation or voluntary demotion, request that the Human Resources Director place his/her name on the reinstatement eligible list for any classification for which they are qualified. Additionally, employees who occupy positions which the department head has determined are at risk of being eliminated may be placed on appropriate reinstatement list prior to the anticipated date of layoff. This list may be considered by department heads in addition to either the promotional eligible or general eligible lists but cannot take precedence over the department reemployment or general reemployment eligible lists.