No permanent employee shall be laid off while employees in an extra help, temporary, provisional, or probationary status are retained in the same class unless that employee has been offered the extra help, temporary, or provisional appointment. The order of layoff among employees not having permanent status shall be according to the following categories:

  1. Extra help or seasonal
  2. Temporary
  3. Provisional
  4. Probationary


Layoffs shall be by job classification according to reverse order of seniority as determined by total continuous County civil service, except as specified above.

The following provisions shall apply in computing total continuous service:

A. The following shall count as County service:

  1. Time spent on military leave,
  2. Leave to accept temporary employment of less than one (1) year outside the County government, and
  3. Leave to accept a position in the unclassified service.

B. Periods of time during which employees are required to be absent from their position due to an injury or disease for which they are entitled to and currently receiving Worker’s Compensation benefits shall be included in length of service in determining that employee’s seniority rights.

C. Time worked in an extra help status shall not count as County service.

D. Time worked in permanent, probationary, provisional, or temporary status shall count as County service.  Part-time status shall count at the rate of one (1) year of continuous employment for each two thousand eighty 2080 straight-time hours worked.

If two (2) or more employees have the same seniority, the examination scores for their present classifications shall determine seniority.