SECTION 1. REQUISITION OR REQUEST FOR PERSONNEL:  Whenever a vacancy in the classified service is to be filled, other than by transfer or demotion, the appointing authority will notify the Director as far in advance as possible and request certification on a form prescribed by the Director. In cases where selective certification based on bona fide occupational qualifications or on special skill requirements is desired the personnel requisition will include complete justification. Following receipt of a request for personnel the Director will determine which eligible list is to be used.

SECTION 2. PRIORITY OF ELIGIBLE LISTS:  Eligible lists shall be certified to fill permanent vacancies in the following order:

  1. Departmental Reemployment Eligible List
  2. General Reemployment Eligible List
  3. Promotional Eligible List (General and Departmental)
  4. General Eligible List
  5. Reinstatement Eligible List shall be certified in addition to C and D above and shall be considered for appointment at the discretion of the appointing authority.

SECTION 3. CERTIFICATION FROM REEMPLOYMENT ELIGIBLE LISTS:  If a reemployment eligible list is used the Director will certify the name of the person who is the highest on the list and available for employment. This person shall be appointed if the position is to be filled. The Director may remove from a reemployment eligible list the name of any person who waives employment after certification.


  1. If a list other than a reemployment eligible list is to be used the Director shall certify the top seven available candidates to the vacancy. If any other candidates have the same score as the number seven candidate then they shall also be certified to the vacancy.
  2. If more than one vacancy occurs then the base number of candidates to be certified shall be increased by one for each additional vacancy in each case.
  3. All names on the reinstatement eligible list may be certified in addition to the promotional or general eligible list.
  4. A department may request that certifications to that department be restricted to candidates currently employed by that department.

SECTION 5. PROCEDURE WHEN ELIGIBLE LIST CONTAINS SIX OR LESS NAMES:  When an eligible list, other than a reemployment eligible list, contains six or less names the Director shall certify the remaining name(s) to the appointing authority. If the latter does not wish to appoint the person(s) certified the Director may either schedule another examination or use an alternate eligible list. A person(s) whose name(s) appeared on the eligible list for the classification in which the vacancy exists shall be included in the certification, even though additional name(s) are certified from an alternate eligible list. In the case of a new examination, the current eligible list will be expired and the person(s) on that list will be notified of the new examination process.

SECTION 6. NOTIFICATION TO ELIGIBLES:  The Director will notify applicants whose names have been certified regarding the person(s) in the departments to contact regarding pre-employment interviews.

SECTION 7. PROCEDURE WHEN NO ELIGIBLE LIST EXISTS:  When no eligible list exists, a provisional appointment may be made in accordance with Rule XI Section 7.


  1. The Director may refer qualified persons from whatever sources are deemed appropriate.
  2. If the persons are referred and appointed from existing eligible lists to extra help entry or journey level positions, such extra help employees may be given a probationary appointment without further examination provided:
    1. The person is appointed to the same classification as originally certified for the extra help appointment,
    1. There has been no break in service of more than 30 days during the period of the extra help appointment, and
    1. The eligible list that the extra help employee was appointed from has since expired.