Local 829, American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, AFL-CIO, Local 521, Service Employees International Union, and representatives of the County of San Mateo have met and conferred in good faith regarding wages, hours and other terms and conditions of employment of extra-help employees in the representation units listed in Section 1, have exchanged freely information, opinions and proposals and have endeavored to reach agreement on all matters relating to the employment conditions and employer-employee relations of such employees. This Memorandum of Understanding is entered into pursuant to the Meyers-Milias-Brown Act (Government Code Sections 3500-3510) and has been jointly prepared by the parties.  Read More →

TO:                              All Management Employees FROM:                        John L. Maltbie SUBJECT:                  Employee Performance Evaluation   Evaluating worker performance is one of the most important responsibilities of a manager or supervisor. Evaluations provide a framework for setting and accomplishing organizational and individual goals and objectives. An effective evaluation process lets workers know what is expected of them, how they are performing, and how they can improve and/or take advantage of growth and career opportunities. This is particularly true when the worker is on probation, forming the basis for their future work habits and relationships. The following guidelines should be followed in the performance evaluation process: Timeliness: Employee PerformanceRead More →

DATE:                        November 5, 2006 TO:                  All Managers FROM:            Casey Echarte, Employee Relations Manager SUBJECT:      Assignment to Work at an Alternative Location   In some circumstances, it may be appropriate during the course of an investigation and/or during the Skelly process for an employee accused of wrongdoing to be kept away from his/her regular work location. Unless required by a governing agency, this should be the exception rather than the rule, and discussed with Employee Relations and/or County Counsel prior to implementation. In determining whether to leave the accused employee in his/her regular work area, assign him/her to work at home, or to assign him/her toRead More →

SECTION 1. ORDER OF ELIGIBLES: Applicants for employment who qualify in an examination shall have their names placed on the appropriate eligible lists in the order of their final scores. SECTION 2. EFFECTIVE DATE OF ELIGIBLE LISTS: Eligible lists shall be in effect from the date on which approved by the Director. Changes in rank, or addition or subtraction of names because of errors or re-ratings, shall not change the effective date of an eligible list. SECTION 3. DURATION OF ELIGIBLE LISTS: The duration of eligible lists shall be as follows: Departmental promotional eligible lists are established for a period of one year. General promotionalRead More →

SECTION 1. REQUISITION OR REQUEST FOR PERSONNEL: Whenever a vacancy in the classified service is to be filled, other than by transfer or demotion, the appointing authority will notify the Director as far in advance as possible and request certification on a form prescribed by the Director. In cases where selective certification based on bona fide occupational qualifications or on special skill requirements is desired the personnel requisition will include complete justification. Following receipt of a request for personnel the Director will determine which eligible list is to be used. SECTION 2. PRIORITY OF ELIGIBLE LISTS: Eligible lists shall be certified to fill permanent vacanciesRead More →

The Telecommuting Program allows a worker to work at a site other than a County office. For instance, telecommuting workers may work out of their home or at another location near their residence. In January 1992, the County and the Union agreed upon and implemented a prototype Telecommuting Program. The Union reserves the right to renegotiate the Telecommuting Policies and Procedures, as necessary, based on the results of the trial period, before further implementation of the Telecommuting Program. By the end of June, the Labor-Management Telecommuting Committee will recommend to the Board of Supervisors what policies and procedures should be adopted to continue this optionRead More →

ClassCode Class Title Work Group Pay Range A B C D E N060 CONSTRUCTION INSPECTOR I 1 3966 $     2,538.40 $     2,684.00 $     2,837.60 $     3,000.80 $     3,172.80 N062 CONSTRUCTION INSPECTOR II 1 4663 $     2,984.00 $     3,155.20 $     3,336.80 $     3,528.00 $     3,730.40 N017 DELINEATOR I 1 3701 $  2,368.80 $     2,504.80 $     2,648.00 $     2,800.00 $     2,960.80 N053 DRAFTING TECHNICIAN I 1 3443 $     2,203.20 $     2,329.60 $     2,464.00Read More →

Class Code Class Title Work Group Pay Range A B C D E N060 CONSTRUCTION INSPECTOR I 1 3888 $     2,488.00 $     2,631.20 $     2,782.40 $     2,941.60 $     3,110.40 N062 CONSTRUCTION INSPECTOR II 1 4572 $     2,926.40 $     3,093.60 $     3,271.20 $     3,459.20 $     3,657.60 N017 DELINEATOR I 1 3628 $     2,321.60 $   2,455.20 $     2,596.00 $     2,744.80 $     2,902.40 N053 DRAFTING TECHNICIAN I 1 3375 $     2,160.00 $     2,284.00 $    Read More →

Class Code Class Title Work Group Pay Range A B C D E N060 CONSTRUCTION INSPECTOR I 1 3775 $     2,416.00 $     2,554.40 $     2,700.80 $     2,856.00 $     3,020.00 N062 CONSTRUCTION INSPECTOR II 1 4439 $     2,840.80 $     3,004.00 $     3,176.00 $     3,358.40 $     3,551.20 N017 DELINEATOR I 1 3522 $     2,254.40 $     2,383.20 $     2,520.00 $     2,664.80 $     2,817.60 N053 DRAFTING TECHNICIAN I 1 3277 $     2,097.60 $     2,217.60 $Read More →

ClassCode Class Title Work Group Pay Range A B C D E K008 CIRCULATION SUPERVISOR-E 1 3775 $     2,416.00 $     2,554.40 $     2,700.80 $     2,856.00 $     3,020.00 K001 LIBRARIAN I 5 3756 $     2,404.00 $     2,541.60 $     2,687.20 $     2,841.60 $     3,004.80 K002 LIBRARIAN II 5 4095 $     2,620.80 $     2,771.20 $     2,930.40 $     3,098.40 $     3,276.00 E071 LIBRARY AIDE-EH 1 1597 $     1,022.40 $     1,080.80 $     1,142.40 $Read More →

Class Code Class Title Work Group Pay Range A B C D E K008 CIRCULATION SUPERVISOR-E 1 3701 $     2,368.80 $     2,504.80 $     2,648.00 $     2,800.00 $     2,960.80 K001 LIBRARIAN I 5 3682 $     2,356.80 $     2,492.00 $     2,634.40 $     2,785.60 $     2,945.60 K002 LIBRARIAN II 5 4015 $     2,569.60 $     2,716.80 $     2,872.80 $     3,037.60 $     3,212.00 E071 LIBRARY AIDE-EH 1 1566 $     1,002.40 $     1,060.00 $     1,120.80Read More →

Class Code Class Title Work Group Pay Range A B C D E K008 CIRCULATION SUPERVISOR-E 1 3593 $     2,299.20 $     2,431.20 $     2,571.20 $     2,718.40 $     2,874.40 K001 LIBRARIAN I 5 3575 $     2,288.00 $     2,419.20 $     2,558.40 $     2,704.80 $     2,860.00 K002 LIBRARIAN II 5 3898 $     2,494.40 $     2,637.60 $     2,788.80 $     2,949.60 $     3,118.40 E071 LIBRARY AIDE-EH 1 1520 $       972.80 $     1,028.80 $     1,088.00Read More →

Work Location – When a worker is temporarily assigned to work at a location different from the regularly assigned work location, and when said assignment results in work at more than one location in a given day, the worker shall be reimbursed for the use of the worker’s own vehicle in accordance with the County regulations. Working Conditions – If the department head, or the Safety Officer after conferring with the department head, determines that the physical conditions in any of the Library buildings have become a safety or health hazard, workers shall not be required to work at such facility while such condition exists.Read More →

Class Code Class Title Work Group Pay Range A B C D E E001 ADMIN SECRETARY I 1 3094 $     1,980.00 $     2,093.60 $     2,213.60 $     2,340.80 $     2,475.20 E002 ADMIN SECRETARY II 1 3342 $     2,139.20 $     2,261.60 $     2,391.20 $     2,528.80 $     2,673.60 E003 ADMIN SECRETARY III 1 3505 $     2,243.20 $     2,372.00 $     2,508.00 $     2,652.00 $     2,804.00 B016 ADMIN SECRETARY III-U 1 3505 $     2,243.20 $     2,372.00Read More →

Class Code Class Title Work Group Pay Range A B C D E E001 ADMIN SECRETARY I 1 3033 $     1,940.80 $     2,052.80 $     2,170.40 $     2,294.40 $     2,426.40 E002 ADMIN SECRETARY II 1 3276 $     2,096.80 $     2,216.80 $     2,344.00 $     2,478.40 $     2,620.80 E003 ADMIN SECRETARY III 1 3436 $     2,199.20 $     2,325.60 $     2,458.40 $     2,600.00 $     2,748.80 B016 ADMIN SECRETARY III-U 1 3436 $     2,199.20 $     2,325.60Read More →

Class Code Class Title Work Group Pay Range A B C D E E001 ADMIN SECRETARY I 1 2945 $     1,884.80 $     1,992.80 $     2,107.20 $     2,228.00 $     2,356.00 E002 ADMIN SECRETARY II 1 3181 $     2,036.00 $     2,152.80 $     2,276.00 $     2,406.40 $     2,544.80 E003 ADMIN SECRETARY III 1 3336 $     2,135.20 $     2,257.60 $     2,387.20 $     2,524.00 $     2,668.80 B016 ADMIN SECRETARY III-U 1 3336 $     2,135.20 $     2,257.60Read More →

Clerical workers who work in the Sheriff’s Department and are required to wear uniforms shall receive a uniform allowance as specified below: An initial payment of four hundred dollars ($450.00) shall be made when the worker is hired by or transferred into a Division requiring uniforms. A maintenance allowance of four hundred dollars ($450.00) shall be made on their anniversary date for current workers. The above payments shall be made on the employment or transfer anniversary date for new workers. Such payments are made for uniform needs of the preceding year and workers shall make any required purchases to maintain uniforms within thirty (30) days ofRead More →

Class Code Class Title Work Group Pay Range A B C D E U076 APPRAISER I 1 3243 $     2,320.80 $     2,453.60 $     2,594.40 B304 APPRAISER I- U 1 3243 $     2,320.80 $     2,453.60 $     2,594.40 U074 APPRAISER II 2 4011 $     2,567.20 $     2,714.40 $     2,870.40 $     3,034.40 $     3,208.80 B305 APPRAISER II- U 2 4011 $     2,567.20 $     2,714.40 $     2,870.40 $     3,034.40 $     3,208.80 U079 AUDITOR-APPRAISER I 1 3243 $Read More →

Within optional work plans established by the Assessor, the Assessor is willing to schedule workers’ 40‑hour, 4‑day, 5‑day or 6‑day workweeks at hours other than from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. for property appraisal assignments if this will result in the more thorough or efficient completion of assigned work during daylight hours, provided the workers work at least 6 hours per day. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Assessor may, if necessary to successfully complete assigned work, approve a six-day work schedule in which the worker works not less than 4 hours on any of the 5 weekdays and the appropriate amount of hours on the succeeding Saturday. This provision shallRead More →

SEIU – Accounting and Administrative Services Salaries: 10/11/2015 Class Code Class Title Work Group Pay Range A B C D E E030 ACCOUNTANT I 5 3302 $     2,113.60 $     2,234.40 $     2,362.40 $     2,498.40 $     2,641.60 E011 ACCOUNTANT II 5 3860 $     2,470.40 $     2,612.00 $     2,761.60 $     2,920.80 $     3,088.00 E010 ACCOUNTANT II-E 5 3860 $     2,470.40 $     2,612.00 $     2,761.60 $     2,920.80 $     3,088.00 B002 ACCOUNTANT II-U 5 3860 $     2,470.40Read More →

Accounting and Administrative Unit 1Premium Pay for Communications Technicians.  A premium of $5.00 per hour or fraction thereof will be paid to technicians for the time they are required to spend working on towers or poles used as antenna support structures at heights greater than 25 feet above the base of the tower or pole. Contracting and Sub‑Contracting (ISD).  The County agrees to meet with the union to discuss ongoing concerns about contracting/sub‑contracting. ISD workers who are required in writing to carry pagers after their assigned work hours will be compensated in accordance with Section 10 (On‑Call Duty). Temporary Project Manager Differential.  On a temporary basis, andRead More →

The following list summarizes the various benefit programs in effect for workers: MEDICAL (Active): The County pays 85% of the total premium for HMO Plans – Kaiser or Blue Shield HMO  (workers pay 15% of the total premium) and the County pays 75% of the total premium for Blue Shield POS (workers pay 25% of the total premium).  For full time employees enrolled in the Kaiser or Blue Shield High Deductible Health Plan, the County will annually contribute fifty percent (50%) of the cost of the deductible amount for the plan to a Health Savings Account.  For part time employees working half time or more,Read More →

The County will notify the Union of its intent to contract or subcontract work customarily performed by members of the SEIU bargaining units where such contracting or subcontracting would result in loss or potential loss through attrition or layoff of such bargaining unit members. The County will make such notification at least 60 calendar days in advance of such action. The notice shall include an explanation of the County’s reason for proposing such contracting/subcontracting. The Union shall be given the opportunity to meet with the County to discuss the decision to contract out, and to meet and confer on the effect of such contracting outRead More →

Effective the pay period following Board approval of the successor MOU (November 23, 2014), the County shall discontinue employer pick up of the employee’s statutorily required retirement contribution. Effective the pay period following Board approval of the successor MOU (November 23, 2014), County pick-up shall be replaced by longevity pay as follows: One and one-half percent (1.5%) salary increase after the equivalent of ten (10) years of full time service (20,800 hours) An additional one and one-half percent (1.5%) salary increase (for a total of three percent (3%)) after the equivalent of twenty (20) years of full time service (41,600 hours) An additional one percentRead More →

44.1 Employees Hired before August 7, 2011. Effective March 13, 2005, the County implemented the 2%@55.5 retirement enhancement (Government Code Section 31676.14) for employees in Plans 1, 2 or 4. The enhancement applies to all future service and all service back to the date of employment pursuant to the Board of Supervisor’s authority under Government Code section 31678.2(a). Government Code section 31678.2(b) authorizes the collection, from employees, of all or part of the contributions by a member or employer or both, that would have been required if section 31676.14 had been in effect during the time period specified in the resolution adopting section 31676.14, andRead More →

41.1 Employee Assistance Committee The County shall maintain a management/worker committee that is charged with the responsibility for reviewing the Employee Assistance Program in San Mateo County. The worker representatives include one worker from SEIU 521. Please see plan documents for specifics on coverage for this benefit.   41.2 EEO Advisory Committee The County agrees that SEIU 521 may designate one worker to serve on the EEO Advisory Committee.   41.3 Central Safety Committee The County agrees that SEIU 521 may designate one worker to serve on the Central Safety Committee. Occupational health and safety are the mutual concern of the Employer, the Union and workers.Read More →

40.1 Inspection and Review Each worker shall have the right to inspect and review any official record relating to his/her performance as a worker or to a grievance concerning the worker which is kept or maintained by the County. The contents of such records shall be made available to the worker for inspection and review at reasonable intervals during the regular business hours of the County. The worker’s designated representative may also review the personnel file with specific written authorization from the worker. The County shall provide an opportunity for the worker to respond in writing, or personal interview, to any information about which he/sheRead More →

If a worker covered by this MOU suffers loss of compensation due to the inequitable application of rules, regulations, policies and procedures and where said loss of compensation is not subject to the grievance procedure specified in Section 38 of the MOU, the worker shall attempt to resolve this matter with the immediate supervisor. If unable to resolve this matter satisfactorily, the worker or the worker’s Union representative may submit the complaint in writing to the Employee Relations Officer with a copy to the County Manager. If this matter is not resolved by the Employee Relations Officer within 30 working days from the date of receipt ofRead More →

38.1 Definition A grievance is any dispute which involves the interpretation or application of any provision of this MOU excluding, however, those provisions of this MOU which specifically provide that the decision of any County official shall be final, the interpretation or application of those provisions not being subject to the grievance procedure.   38.2 Procedure Grievances shall be processed in the following manner: (a) Step 1. Department Head and/or the Designated Representative Any worker who believes that he/she has a grievance may discuss his/her complaint with such management official in the department in which he/she works as the department head designates. If the issueRead More →

The appointing authority may dismiss, issue non-punitive disciplinary letters to, or demote any worker in the classified service provided the rules and regulations of the Civil Service Commission are followed. Workers covered by this agreement may not be temporarily reduced in step. Right to Steward Representation Whenever a worker is required to meet with a supervisor and the worker reasonably anticipates that such meeting will involve questioning leading to disciplinary action, he/she shall be entitled to have a Steward present if he/she so requests. It is not the intention of this provision to allow the presence of a Steward during the initial discussion(s) of aRead More →

Formal Appeal Notwithstanding the provisions of Section 38, appeals of permanent workers relating to performance evaluations which are below a standard score or rating set by the Human Resources Director shall go directly to the Civil Service Commission. Upon receipt of the appeal the Commission will review the facts and order such action as it determines is appropriate. Appeals must be filed with the Commission within 10 calendar days after the evaluation’s finalization. No evaluation shall be considered finalized until the worker has been given 10 working days for review and comment. Informal Appeal Permanent workers may also request an informal appeal of below standard evaluations. AtRead More →

35.1 Length Probationary workers shall undergo a probationary period of 1040 regular hours, unless a longer period, not to exceed 2080 regular hours is prescribed by the Civil Service Commission for their classifications. Individual probationary periods may be extended with good cause upon request of the department head and concurrence of the Human Resources Director; however, no probationary period shall exceed 2080 regular hours. If a worker is incapacitated due to medical conditions and is reassigned to work that is not part of the worker’s normal duties, the probation period for the primary job will be extended for the duration of the reassignment. The workerRead More →

When feasible, the County will offer work-out-of-class assignments to interested permanent workers who meet the minimum qualifications of the position prior to offering such assignments to extra-help workers. If offered, it is the worker’s responsibility to inform management of their interest in work-out-of-class assignments. Departments will solicit interest in such assignments via bulletin board posting, internal memo, and/or email within the department or division as the department deems appropriate. The intent of this section is to provide additional career development opportunities to permanent County workers when such assignments do not cause unreasonable disruptions to the work environment or work production. When feasible, the County willRead More →

33.1                                                                                                                                No worker shall be required regularly to perform duties of a position outside of the classification to which he/she has been appointed. However, workers may be assigned temporarily duties outside their classification. In addition, under the conditions described in the Rules of the Civil Service Commission, a department head may temporarily assign to workers whatever duties are necessary to meet the requirements of an emergency situation.   33.2 Reclassification Procedure A worker may request in writing a reevaluation of his/her job based on significant changes in job content or significant discrepancies between job content and the classification description. Such written request shall be submittedRead More →

32.1 Employee Preference If it becomes necessary to transfer permanently one or more workers from one geographical location to one or more geographical locations in different cities, such workers at the original geographical location who are working in the affected classifications shall be given an opportunity to express their desires for transfer. In such cases the department head shall give consideration to length of service and transportation factors along with such job related criteria he/she deems appropriate, provided where all of these criteria are relatively equal, length of service shall prevail. The County shall discuss these criteria with the Union before selecting workers for transfer.Read More →

Establish County-wide Committee to Revise Career Opportunities Program. The County and Union acknowledge that the Career Opportunities Program described in Section 30 and Exhibit F of the 2010 MOU between the parties has become outdated and non-operational. The County and Union desire to restore and update the Career Opportunities Program, with the purpose of providing current County employees with opportunities to promote, transfer, or change careers within the County in a way that is fair, competitive, easily understandable, efficient and appropriate to the County’s needs. The County recognizes that investing in and utilizing talents of its workers will enhance the performance of the organization. Therefore,Read More →

29.1 Examinations Open Examinations: Any person who meets the minimum qualifications for the job classification may compete. General Promotional Examinations: Permanent and probationary workers who have served at least six months in such status prior to the date of the examination are eligible to compete. Persons who have been laid off and whose names are on a reemployment list are also eligible provided they had served at least six months prior to lay off. Persons in unclassified positions, who previously held positions in the classified service and who did not have a break in County service between the classified and unclassified appointments are eligible toRead More →

The County shall continue to provide its present long term income protection plan for permanent workers at no cost to said workers; provided, however, that in order to be eligible for such plan, workers must have been employed by the County for 3 or more years. Effective with disabilities commencing on or after January 1, 1988, the 120 day disability period required to qualify for long term income protection shall no longer require continuous disability but shall be cumulative for any single medically verified illness or injury within a period of 6 full months from the date of the disability’s onset. The onset date shall be defined asRead More →

26.1 Coverage Workers shall be covered by life insurance and accidental death insurance as follows: The County shall provide $20,000 of life insurance for each worker. The County shall provide $500 of life insurance for the worker’s spouse and up to a maximum of $500 of life insurance for each of the worker’s children depending on ages. The County shall provide an additional $10,000 of life insurance payable to the worker’s beneficiary if the worker’s death results from an accident either on or off the job.   26.2 Supplemental Coverage Workers, depending on prequalification, may purchase additional term life insurance to a maximum of $250,000Read More →

25.1 Benefits Committee During the term of this MOU, the County and Unions shall convene the Benefits Committee to investigate the feasibility of revising medical and/or dental coverage and/or plan(s) and strategies to integrate wellness program participation into benefit insurance cost structure including FSA debit cards. The Benefits Committee will be composed of County labor representatives, not to exceed two (2) representatives from each participating labor organization and four (4) County representatives.   25.2 Benefits Levels During the term of this agreement, the County agrees to continue all benefits programs at current benefits levels as listed in the MOU and the Benefits Summary.   25.3Read More →

22.1 Payment of Healthcare Premiums – Regular Full Time Employees The County and covered workers share in the cost of health care premiums. The County will pay 85% of the total premium for the Kaiser HMO, Blue Shield HMO, or Kaiser High Deductible Health Plans (employees pay 15% of the total premium) and the County will pay 75% of the total premium for the Blue Shield POS Plan (employees pay 25% of the total premium). For full time employees enrolled in the Kaiser or Blue Shield High Deductible Health Plan, the County will annually contribute fifty percent (50%) of the cost of the deductible amountRead More →

21.1 General Workers shall not be entitled to leaves of absence as a matter of right, but only in accordance with the provisions of law and this MOU. Unless otherwise provided, the granting of a leave of absence also grants to the worker the right to return to a position in the same class, or equivalent class in the same department as he/she held at the time the leave was granted. The granting of any leave of absence shall be based on the presumption that the worker intends to return to work upon the expiration of the leave. However, if a disability retirement application hasRead More →

20.1 Accrual All workers, except extra-help, shall accrue sick leave at the rate of 3.7 hours for each biweekly pay period of full-time work. Such accrual shall be prorated for any worker, except extra-help, who work less than full time during a pay period. For the purpose of this Section absence in a pay status shall be considered work. 20.2 Usage Workers are entitled to be paid for sick leave used, to a maximum of the time accrued, under the following conditions: The worker’s illness, injury, or exposure to contagious disease which incapacitates him/her from performance of duties. This includes disabilities caused or contributed to byRead More →

19.1 Vacation Allowance Workers, excluding extra-help or as herein otherwise provided, shall be entitled to vacation with pay in accordance with the following schedule. Part-time workers except extra-help shall be entitled to vacation accruals on a prorated basis. During the first 5 years of continuous service, vacation will be accrued at the rate of 4.0 hours per biweekly pay period worked. After the completion of 5 years of continuous service, vacation will be accrued at the rate of 4.9 hours per biweekly pay period worked. After the completion of 10 years of continuous service, vacation will be accrued at the rate of 5.9 hours per biweekly payRead More →

The County does not intend to prohibit workers from being absent from work on election days if workers can charge such time off to a floating holiday, accumulated vacation, or compensatory time. Every effort will be made to grant their requests unless the absences would be likely to create serious problems in rendering proper services to the public.Read More →

17.1 Eligibility Regular full-time workers in established positions shall be entitled to take all authorized holidays at full pay, not to exceed 8 hours for any one day, provided they are in a pay status on both their regularly scheduled workdays immediately preceding and following the holiday. Part-time workers shall be entitled to holiday pay, not to exceed 8 hours for any one day, in proportion to the average percentage of hours worked during the two pay periods without holidays immediately preceding the pay period which includes the holiday. 17.2 Holidays The holidays for the County are: (1) January 1 (New Year’s Day) (2) Third MondayRead More →

16.1 Application If a worker’s position is abolished and he/she is unable to displace another County worker as provided in Section 15, he/she shall receive reimbursement of one week of pay for each full year (2080 hours) of regular service to the County, and, 50% of the cash value of his/her unused sick leave; provided, however that such worker shall be eligible for reimbursement only if he/she remains in the service of the County until his/her services are no longer required by the department head. The County shall make every effort to secure comparable employment for the displaced worker in other agencies. If such employment isRead More →

15.1 Definition of Layoff Any department head may, with the Board of Supervisors approval, layoff workers because of lack of work, lack of funds, reorganization, or otherwise when in the best interests of the County. 15.2 Notice of Layoff The department head will give at least thirty (30) days advance written notice to workers to be laid off except in an emergency situation in which case the Human Resources Director may authorize a shorter period of time. 15.3 Precedence by Employment Status No permanent worker shall be laid off while workers working in extra-help, temporary, provisional, or probationary status are retained in the same classificationRead More →

A probationary or permanent worker who has resigned in good standing or accepted a voluntary demotion may, within 2 years following the effective date of the resignation or voluntary demotion, request that the Human Resources Director place his/her name on the reinstatement eligible list for any classification for which he/she is qualified. Additionally, workers who occupy positions which the Department Head has determined are at risk of being eliminated may be placed on appropriate reinstatement lists prior to the anticipated date of layoff. This list may be considered by department heads in addition to either the promotional eligible or general lists but cannot take precedenceRead More →

The County may reimburse workers for tuition and related fees paid for courses of study taken in off-duty status if the subject matter is closely related to the worker’s present or probable future work assignments. Limits to the amount of reimbursable expense may be set by the Human Resources Director with the County Manager’s concurrence. There must be a reasonable expectation that the worker’s work performance or value to the County will be enhanced as a result of the course of study. Courses taken as part of a program of study for a college undergraduate or graduate degree, or for courses taken as part ofRead More →

Except where indicated below, the County does not reimburse workers for home to work and work to home travel. Any disputes concerning the interpretation or application of the mileage reimbursement policy shall be referred to the Human Resources Director whose decision shall be final. After notification is received from the IRS indicating a change in its allowable mileage rate, the County will change its rate to coincide with the rate set by the IRS, as soon as possible. Definition of Regular Work Location: The County facility(ies) or designated area(s) within the County where an worker reports when commencing his/her regularly assigned functions. Any County facility(ies)Read More →

Effective the first pay period following Union ratification, a salary differential of $55.00 biweekly shall be paid incumbents of positions requiring bilingual proficiency as designated by the appointing authority and Human Resources Director. Said differential shall be prorated for workers working less than full-time or who are in an unpaid leave of absence status for a portion of any given biweekly pay period. Bilingual pay for workers with a caseload at least 50% of which is comprised of nonEnglish speaking clients shall be $70.00 biweekly. Designation of positions for which bilingual proficiency is required is the sole prerogative of the County and the decision ofRead More →

Section 10. On Call Duty When warranted and in the interest of the County operation, department heads may assign workers to on call status. Compensation for on call duty shall be computed as follows: Workers shall be paid an hourly rate of $4.40 for time in which they are required to be in an on call status, unless otherwise provided below. Workers receiving call-back pay shall not be entitled to on call pay simultaneously.Read More →

If a worker has been receiving a shift differential or some other differential or pay for work-out-ofclass as provided in this MOU or in the Salary Ordinance for 30 or more calendar days immediately preceding a paid holiday, or the commencement of a vacation or the commencement of a paid sick leave period, or compensatory time off, as the case may be, the applicable differential shall be included in such worker’s holiday pay, vacation pay, paid sick leave or paid compensatory time. The vacation, sick leave, holiday and compensatory time off pay of a worker on a rotating shift shall include the shift differential suchRead More →

8.1 Definition Shift differential pay, for the purpose of this Section, is defined as pay at a rate that is 8% above the worker’s base pay. Notwithstanding paragraph (1) above, the biweekly shift differential pay for full-time workers shall be at least $20.00 above the worker’s base pay, to be prorated for part-time workers. 8.2 Applicable Shifts Workers in 24-hour operations who are assigned to work a shift of eight (8) hours or more that starts between 2:00 p.m. and 3:00 a.m. shall be paid shift differential rates for all hours worked during such shift. All other workers shall be paid shift differential rates for all hoursRead More →

7.1 Authorization All compensable overtime must be authorized by the department head or his/her designated representative in advance of being worked. If prior authorization is not feasible because of emergency conditions, a confirming authorization must be made on the next regular working day following the date on which the overtime was worked. Overtime worked must be in the job classification in which the person is regularly employed or in a classification for which the worker is authorized higher pay for work in a higher classification. 7.2 Definition Except as otherwise provided by Charter, any authorized time worked in excess of the 40 hour weekly work scheduleRead More →

The standard workweek for workers occupying full-time positions consists of 40 hours unless otherwise specified by the Board of Supervisors. The appointing authority shall fix the hours of work with due regard for the convenience of the public and the laws of the State and the County. Workers occupying part-time positions shall work such hours and schedules as the Board and the appointing authority shall prescribe. 6.1 Out-of-Town Weekend Work Assignments Any worker who is assigned work that requires him or her to be out of town on one or more weekend days shall be compensated as follows: $50.00 per day for each weekend dayRead More →

5.1 Salary Ranges The salary ranges for all workers in the aforementioned representation units will be as set forth in the Exhibits which are attached hereto and made a part hereof. The rates of pay set forth in the Exhibits represent for each classification the standard biweekly rate of pay for full-time employment, unless the schedule specifically indicates otherwise. The rates of pay set forth in the Exhibits represent the total compensation due workers, except for overtime compensation and other benefits specifically provided for by the Board of Supervisors or by this MOU. The rates of pay set forth in the Exhibits do not includeRead More →

There shall be no discrimination because of sex, pregnancy, childbirth or related medical conditions, race, veteran status, religion, color, national origin or ancestry, physical or mental disability, medical condition, marital status, age, gender (including gender identity and gender expression), sexual orientation, use of family medical leave, genetic testing, or any other basis protected by federal law, state law or County Ordinance, or legitimate union activities against any worker or applicant for employment by the Union or by the County or by anyone employed by the County; and to the extent prohibited by applicable state and federal law, there shall be no discrimination against any disabled personRead More →

3.1 Attendance at Meetings County workers who are official representatives or Stewards of the Union shall be given reasonable time off with pay to meet and confer or consult with management representatives or to be present at hearings where matters within the scope of representation are being considered. The use of official time for this purpose shall be reasonable and shall not interfere with the performance of County services as determined by the County. Such representatives or Stewards shall submit written requests for excused absences to Employee Relations at least two working days prior to the meeting whenever possible. Except by agreement with Employee Relations,Read More →

The Union agrees that it has the duty to provide fair and non-discriminatory representation to all workers in all classes covered by this MOU regardless of whether they are members of the Union. 2.1 Agency Shop All workers and new hires employed in classes covered by this MOU, except supervisors as defined in Section 2.4 below, shall as a condition of employment either: Become and remain a member of the Union. Pay to the Union an agency fee which does not exceed an amount which may be lawfully collected under applicable constitutional, statutory, and case law (e.g., Hudson v. Chicago Teachers Union, Local No. 1, AFLCIO), which shall beRead More →

Local 521, Service Employees International Union, hereinafter referred to as the “Union” or “SEIU 521”, is the recognized employee organization for the representation units listed below, certified pursuant to Resolution No. 38586, adopted by the Board of Supervisors on May 16, 1978. Accounting and Administrative Services Unit Appraisal Unit Office and Technical Services Unit Engineering Unit Library UnitRead More →

Memorandum of Understanding between County of San Mateo and Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 521 October 12, 2014 –October 6, 2018 Local 521, Service Employees International Union, and representatives of the County of San Mateo have met and conferred in good faith regarding wages, hours and other terms and conditions of employment of workers in the representation units listed in Section 1, have exchanged freely information, opinions and proposals and have endeavored to reach agreement on all matters relating to the employment conditions and employer-employee relations of such employees. This Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is entered into pursuant to the Meyers-Milias-Brown Act (Government Code Sections 3500-3510)Read More →