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The Employee Relations Division plans and conducts labor negotiations, implements labor agreements, and assists managers and supervisors with employee issues, including corrective action.

SEIU 01. Union Recognition

Local 521, Service Employees International Union, hereinafter referred to as the “Union” or “SEIU 521”, is the recognized employee organization for the representation units listedRead More →

SEIU 02: Union Security

The Union agrees that it has the duty to provide fair and non-discriminatory representation to all workers in all classes covered by this MOU regardlessRead More →

SEIU 04: No Discrimination

There shall be no discrimination because of sex, pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding or related medical conditions, race, veteran status, religion (including religious dress), color, national originRead More →

SEIU 05: Salaries

5.1       Salary Ranges The salary ranges for all employees in the aforementioned representation units will be as set forth in the Exhibits which are attachedRead More →

SEIU 07: Overtime

7.1       Authorization All compensable overtime must be authorized by the department head or their designated representative in advance of being worked. If prior authorization isRead More →

SEIU 11: Bilingual Pay

Effective the first full pay period following Board of Supervisors approval of this successor MOU, a salary differential of Seventy Dollars ($70.00) biweekly shall beRead More →

SEIU 16: Severance Pay

16.1     Application If an employee’s position is abolished and they are unable to displace another County employee as provided in Section 15, they shall receive severanceRead More →

SEIU 17: Holidays

17.1.            Eligibility Regular full-time workers in established positions shall be entitled to take all authorized holidays at full pay, not to exceed 8 hours forRead More →

SEIU 19: Vacations

19.1     Vacation Allowance Employees, excluding extra-help or as herein otherwise provided, shall be entitled to vacation with pay in accordance with the following schedule. Part-timeRead More →

SEIU 20: Sick leave

20.1.  Accrual All employees, except extra-help, shall accrue sick leave at the rate of 3.7 hours for each biweekly pay period of full-time work. Such accrualRead More →

SEIU 26: Life Insurance

26.1.     Coverage The County will pay group life insurance and accidental death insurance premiums for the following coverage: Life Insurance for each employee withRead More →

SEIU 29: Promotion

29.1 Examinations Open Examinations: Any person who meets the minimum qualifications for the job classification may compete. General Promotional Examinations: Permanent and probationary employees whoRead More →

SEIU 35: Probationary Period

35.1     Length Probationary employees shall undergo a probationary period of 1040 regular hours, unless a longer period, not to exceed 2080 regular hours is prescribedRead More →

SEIU 38: Grievances

38.1.            Definition A grievance is any dispute which involves the interpretation or application of any provision of this MOU excluding, however, those provisions of thisRead More →

SEIU 40: Personnel Files

40.1     Inspection and Review Each employee shall have the right to inspect and review any official record relating to their performance as an employeeRead More →

SEIU 41: Committees

41.1     Wellness Committee One employee representative from SEIU 521 may participate in the County Wellness Committee. The Union may designate an alternate representative to attendRead More →

SEIU 44: Retirement Plans

44.1     Employees Hired before August 7, 2011 Effective March 13, 2005, the County implemented the 2%@55.5 retirement enhancement (Government Code Section 31676.14) for employeesRead More →

SEIU: Employee Performance Evaluation

TO:                              All Management Employees FROM:                        John L. Maltbie SUBJECT:                  Employee Performance Evaluation Evaluating worker performance is one of the most important responsibilities of a managerRead More →

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