On DATE, we met to discuss your performance in the position of X. In that meeting, I brought to your attention my concerns regarding your recent workload review, where I found that documents were frequently sent out with typographical errors, and were often not timely, based on the incoming request.

You indicated that you were using the spell check and could not understand why errors continued to appear in your typed reports, and that there were many features that would help you work more efficiently, but you had not been trained to use them. You also stated that you type the same letter several times, with only minor changes, and that this takes up a lot of your computer time.

You also stated that you were not able to mail all your correspondence on time because there were too many interruptions at your desk at the end of the day.

I indicated to you that spell check will not catch words that are spelled correctly but are not correct in the sentence (i.e., fund rather than found and forged rather than forget) and that you must proofread your documents prior to sending them out.


Spend one hour each week using the Microsoft Word tutorial program.

Attend the next macros and advanced procedures class.

Streamline desk procedures to allow two mail pickups per day (i.e., get UPS stickers, and prepare envelopes in advance during down periods).

I will further provide assistance as follows:

  • Provide a telephone back up for you for one half hour in the morning and one half hour in the afternoon so that two mail deliveries can be made from our office during the course of the business day instead of mailing everything the next morning.
  • Approve your request to develop standard boilerplate in the instances you mentioned, so that typing errors can be minimized, and productivity increased.

I will meet with you on Friday mornings for the next 30 days to discuss your progress.

I am fully confident of your ability to improve, and I thank you for bringing your concerns and suggestions for improvement to my attention. I look forward to working with you to implement our ideas.