When warranted and in the interest of the County operation, department heads may assign employees to on-call status.

Compensation for on-call duty shall be computed as follows:

Employees shall be paid an hourly rate of $4.40 for time in which they are required to be in an on-call status, unless otherwise provided below.

Employees receiving call-back pay shall not be entitled to on-call pay simultaneously.

Within ninety (90) calendar days of ratification, the parties will meet and confer over the County’s October 12, 2021 proposed changes to Section 10. On Call Assignments, including the impacts of regular and voluntary on-call assignments, and the list of current required on call assignments provided by the County. Effective the first full pay period following the parties’ agreement over revisions to Section 10 On-Call Assignments, the hourly rate for on-call assignments will be increased to five dollars and forty cents ($5.40) per hour for time in which employees are in an on-call status.