30.1     Purpose

The purpose of the Career Opportunities Program is to provide current employees with opportunities to promote, transfer, or change careers within the County in a way that is fair, competitive, easily understandable, efficient and appropriate to the County’s needs. Investing in and utilizing talents of its employees will enhance the performance of the organization.

30.2     Career Development Committee

In 2015, the County established a labor-management Career Development Program (CDP) Committee to evaluate the needs of today’s workplace and employees, and to restore and update the Career Opportunities Program.

The CDP Committee is composed of County and labor representatives, not to exceed two (2) representatives from each participating labor organization and four (4) County representatives. The Union may designate an alternate representative to attend meetings when a regular representative is unavailable.

The CDP Committee will continue meeting on a quarterly basis during the term of this agreement to address training and development activities to enable employees to improve knowledge, skills and abilities in order to achieve promotional eligibility.