32.1     Employee Preference

If it becomes necessary to transfer permanently one or more employees from one geographical location to one or more geographical locations in different cities, such employees at the original geographical location who are working in the affected classifications shall be given an opportunity to express their desires for transfer. In such cases the department head shall give consideration to length of service and transportation factors along with such job related criteria as they deem appropriate, provided where all of these criteria are relatively equal, length of service shall prevail. The County shall discuss these criteria with the Union before selecting employees for transfer. Nothing shall preclude a department head from temporarily assigning employees to work at a different geographical location when prompt action is required by the needs of the County. The County will provide a minimum of ten (10) business days’ advance written notice to the affected employee ahead of a planned geographical location change. The minimum ten (10) business days’ notice shall not apply to temporary transfers where immediate staffing is required, as determined by the Human Resources Director, whose decision shall be final.

32.2     Non-Disciplinary Disposition

Employees shall not be transferred from one geographic location to another for disciplinary reasons.