The standard workweek for workers occupying full-time positions consists of forty (40) hours unless otherwise specified by the Board of Supervisors. The appointing authority shall fix the hours of work with due regard for the convenience of the public and the laws of the State and the County. Workers occupying part-time positions shall work such hours and schedules as the Board and the appointing authority shall prescribe.

6.1.            Out-of-Town Weekend Work Assignments

Any worker who is assigned work that requires him or her to be out of town overnight on one or more weekend days shall be compensated as follows:

  1. $50.00 per day for each weekend day (Saturday and/or Sunday) the worker is out of town.
  2. Regular and/or overtime compensation as provided in the MOU for each hour actually worked during such assignments, subject to usual pre-approval requirements.

Travel time for such assignments shall be compensated at actual time traveled portal to portal. If such travel time results in actual time worked of more than forty (40) hours per week, then such time shall be paid pursuant to the provisions for Overtime set forth in Section 7 of this MOU.


6.2.             Alternate and Flexible Work Schedules

The County agrees that the availability of alternative/flexible work schedules is a valuable benefit to workers in that they promote job satisfaction while also reducing traffic congestion and air pollution.

The parties agree to work together to achieve the many benefits of Transportation Systems Management. To that end, the parties agree that, at the request of either party, the parties shall meet and confer regarding the establishment of alternative work schedules (4/10, 9/80, flex time, job sharing, etc.), voluntary time off, expansion of the telecommuting prototype, and other related issues.

The County may, on a department by department, division by division, or unit by unit basis, offer alternative work week options. Such options may include, but are not limited to, 4/10 workweek, 9/80 scheduling, flexible schedules and job sharing. Should a department or division agree to enter into an alternative workweek agreement, the department, except in cases of emergency as provided below, also agrees to meet with the Union as soon as any problems with the alternative schedules are identified. Except in cases of emergency, alternative schedules shall not be discontinued without such a meeting taking place. In all decisions regarding alternative work schedules, the department head’s decision is final.

In cases of emergency, when the foregoing procedure is not practical or in the best public interest, the County may adopt or put into practice immediately such measures as required. At the earliest practicable date thereafter, the Union shall be provided with the notice described in the preceding paragraph, and be given an opportunity to meet with the appropriate management representative(s).

6.3.            Voluntary Time Off

Full-time, permanent workers may request a reduction in their work hours through the Voluntary Time Off (VTO) Program as described in the County’s Voluntary Time Off Policy as summarized herein. Workers may apply for the VTO Program at any time during the year. Application forms shall be made available through payroll clerks and the Benefits Office. Approved applications for enrollment received after April 1st of each year will be effective the first pay period in July of that year. Approved applications received prior to April 1st will be effective the pay period following receipt of approved applications in Human Resources Department.

Participating workers shall be considered to be in a full-time pay status and the voluntary reduction in work hours will have no effect on the following benefits:

– Health Insurance Coverage              – Dental Insurance Coverage

– Basic Life Insurance                         – Short Term Disability

– Pay for Work-Out-Of-Class             – Step Increases

– Probationary Period                          – Seniority

– Supplemental Life Insurance

There will be no effect on accrual of vacation, sick leave and holidays; however, all regular or normal time taken off during the program for vacation, sick leave, holiday, or compensatory time will be compensated at the reduced hourly rate.

The following benefit areas may be impacted by VTO under the following circumstances:

  • Overtime: Overtime compensation will not begin until after forty (40) hours have been worked during any one work week, and voluntary time off shall not be considered as time worked when determining eligibility for overtime compensation.
  • Long Term Disability: Because the Long Term Disability Plan is based on the worker’s salary, the reduced work hours and/or the corresponding reduced salary may lower the premiums and the benefits derived.
  • Retirement: VTO does not impact years of service, but may impact calculation of compensation. Workers should contact the Retirement Office for detailed information.

All applications are subject to approval by the applicant’s department head. Applications which are disapproved by the department head, or which are approved for a lesser amount of time than requested will be reviewed by the County Manager and the Human Resources Director whose decision is final.