1. Licensed Land Surveyors, Associate Engineers, Associate Civil Engineers and Assistant Engineers licensed by the State of California as Traffic Engineers, shall be paid the equivalent of one-half (1/2) step in addition to all other compensation. At the County’s request, the County and Council will reopen this section to meet and confer over changes.
  1. At the discretion of the Department head, and on a case by case basis, The Department of Public Works will provide required footwear for employees Licensed Land Surveyors, Assistant Engineers, Associate Engineers, and Associate Civil Engineers assigned to perform work in the field. Within one hundred and twenty (120) days of the Board approval of the successor MOU, the Department will review the cost and replacement cycles of required footwear in accordance with OSHA standards, job classification requirements, and lifecycle. The Department will provide a copy of its findings to the Council.
  1. Rain Gear. The Public Works Department agrees to continue to provide rain gear for SMCCE employees to check out.
  1. Direct Deposit. The parties agreed to make Direct Deposit mandatory for all employees hired after October 30, 1999.
  1. The County agrees to invite SMCCE to participate in any Labor-Management Committees formed to discuss issues pertaining to medical and dental benefits.