Beginning July 1, 2013, physicians may be reimbursed for up to two thousand five hundred dollars ($2,500.00) per fiscal year for educational expenses authorized for maintenance of their licensure/certification. For educational reimbursement, proof of completion shall be provided to the department head along with reimbursement request. When such educational expense is authorized for training, physicians may be reimbursed for related travel expenses from the two thousand five hundred dollars ($2,500.00), provided the travel expense is directly related to the training or coursework. Physicians may also use the two thousand five hundred dollars ($2,500.00) to be reimbursed for the purchase of smartphones, iPads or tablets, related smartphone medical software or apps judged to be helpful in their work assignment, to pay for professional license fees, and for fees and memberships in professional associations related to their field of practice.

Reimbursement requests must be submitted to the department head for approval within ninety (90) days of expense or completion of conference or course in accordance with the County’s Expense Reimbursement Policy.

For Staff Physicians, Psychiatrists, and Dentists who are required to pay medical staff dues to the San Mateo Medical Center, the County agrees to pay the annual medical staff dues per employee for the term of this agreement. These funds are in addition to the educational expenses detailed above.

The County will review options to change its institutional subscription to UpToDate Medical Treatment Resource to enable individual tracking of continuing education units, and will discuss options with UAPD no later than August 3, 2015.