1. Decisions of Adjustment Boards and arbitrators on matters properly before them shall be final and binding on the parties, to the extent permitted by County Charter.
  2. No adjustment Board and no arbitrator shall entertain, hear, decide or make recommendations on any dispute unless such dispute involves a position in a unit represented by PDA and unless such dispute falls within the definition of a grievance as set forth in subsection 30.1.
  3. Proposals to add to or change this MOU or written agreements or addenda supplementary hereto shall not be arbitrable and no proposal to modify, amend, or terminate this MOU, may be referred to arbitration under this Section. Neither any Adjustment Board nor any arbitrator shall have the power to amend or modify this MOU or written agreements or addenda supplementary hereto or to establish any new terms or conditions of employment.
  4. If Employee Relations in pursuance of the procedures out­lined in subsection 30.2 (B) above, or the Adjustment Board in pursuance of the provisions of subsection 30.2 (C) above resolve a grievance which involves suspension or discharge, they may agree to payment for lost time or to reinstatement with or with­out payment for lost time.