30.6 County Charter and Civil Service Commission (a) The provisions of this Section shall not abridge any rights to which the employee may be entitled under the County Charter, nor shall it be administered in a manner which would abrogate any power which, under the County Charter may be within

30.5 No Strike PDA, its members and representatives, agree that it and they will not engage in, authorize, sanction, or support any strike, slowdown, stoppage of work, curtailment of production, concerted refusal of overtime work, refusal to operate designated equipment (provided such equipment is safe and sound) or to perform

30.4 Compensation Complaints All complaints involving or concerning the payment of compensation shall be initially filed in writing with Employee Relations. Only complaints which allege that employees are not being compensated in accordance with the provisions of this MOU shall be considered as grievances. Any other matters of compensation are

30.3 Scope of Adjustment Board and Arbitration Decisions (a) Decisions of Adjustment Boards and arbitrators on matters properly before them shall be final and binding on the parties, to the extent permitted by County Charter. (b) No adjustment Board and no arbitrator shall entertain, hear, decide or make recommendations on

30.2 Grievances shall be processed in the following manner: (a) Step 1. Department Head and/or the Designated Representative Any employee who believes that he/she has a grievance may discuss his/her complaint with such management official as his/her department head may designate. If the issue is not resolved within the department,

30.1 A grievance is any dispute which involves the interpretation or application of any provision of this MOU excluding, however, those provisions of this MOU which specifically provide that the decision of any County official shall be final, the interpretation or application of those provisions not being subject to the