11.1      On-Call Assignment Policy

When warranted and in the interest of the County operation, department heads may assign employees to on-call status during off-duty time, to ensure that such employees will be available to respond or return to work to address unplanned, unforeseen, or emergency situations. While on-call, an employee is required to be available by phone at all times. While on call, the employee is not on duty, is not required to remain on County premises. An employee is not required to restrict personal activities while on-call, but must remain free of the influence of prescription drugs that adversely affect the employee’s ability to safely and effectively perform their job duties, alcohol, and illegal drugs.

This Section clarifies the existing process for the assignment of on-call for employees represented by the Association. For the purpose of this Section 11 only, each of the special assignments referred to in subsection “(1)” below shall constitute an organizational unit.

(1)     On-Call Assignments

a.   Regular and Required On-Call Assignments: Each department will designate certain              positions required to perform regular and mandatory on-call assignments, for which they earn on-call pay.

b.   Voluntary On-Call Assignments: Departments may also designate certain positions eligible to volunteer for on-call assignments.

(2)     Process for On-Call Assignment

a.     Regular and required on-call assignments, and re-assignments as needed due to employee absences, will be assigned on a rotating schedule and equitably distributed to all employees in such designated positions.

b.     For voluntary on-call assignments, a department may solicit volunteers on a rolling basis, and assignments will be provided on a first come, first serve Individual voluntary on-call assignments may be assigned in the absence of sufficient volunteers.

(3)     On-Call Compensation

Nurses shall be paid the hourly equivalent rate of one-half their base pay for time in which they are required to be on an on-call status. Nurses will not receive on-call pay for periods when they are actually at work.

11.2     Call-Back Policy

Nurses required to physically report back to work during off duty hours shall be compensated for a minimum of three (3) hours of overtime.

Full-time employees required by their supervisor to conduct work via a remote connection (telephone or computer) during off-duty hours shall receive overtime pay for a minimum of thirty (30) minutes and any additional actual time worked rounded up to the nearest six-minute increment. Part time workers will receive compensation for work via a remote connection during off-duty hours in accordance with hours worked within the workweek.

Hours worked during the nurse’s scheduled shift shall not be considered call-back pay.

An employee receiving call-back pay shall not be entitled to “on-call” pay simultaneously.