1. Work Location – When a worker is temporarily assigned to work at a location different from the regularly assigned work location, and when said assignment results in work at more than one location in a given day, the worker shall be reimbursed for the use of the worker’s own vehicle in accordance with the County regulations.
  2. Working Conditions – If the department head, or the Safety Officer after conferring with the department head, determines that the physical conditions in any of the Library buildings have become a safety or health hazard, workers shall not be required to work at such facility while such condition exists. If the department head or his/her representative or the County Safety Officer is not available the person in charge of the branch library shall make any necessary decision in accordance with established guidelines.
  3. Paychecks – The County agrees that paychecks will be available at regular work locations on regular paydays. A worker may request to pick up his/her paycheck at the Central Library. The Library intends to distribute the Central Library worker’s paychecks to the appropriate supervisors or designated representatives for distribution to the workers. It is understood that the supervisors or designated representatives will be required to sign for the receipt of such paychecks.
  4. Workers in the Librarian I, Library Assistant I, and Library Technician I classifications who are promoted to the Librarian II, Library Assistant II, and Library Technician II classifications and who fail the probationary period at the II level shall have the right to return to the I level. It is understood that this language applies only to the Library Unit, is not precedent setting in any way and shall not apply to any other flexibly staffed positions in the County.
  5. Additional Hours – Permanent part-time workers who desire to work hours outside their current schedule, either at home branch or at other branches, are responsible for completing the on‑call form specifying location(s), days and hours for which they will accept assignments. The completed form must then be filed with each location where work is desired. It is each worker’s responsibility to notify each designated location when any of the information changes. The Branch Manager / Circulation Supervisor, or designee, will first contact permanent part-time workers before calling extra-help except in emergencies. The notice of available work will be sent via e‑mail, fax or telephone to workers who have filed the on‑call form. Unless a “yes” response is received within four (4) days of notification, extra-help may be called. Once an offer has been made and not accepted, permanent part-time workers cannot “bump” extra-help from those hours and days.

Either party shall have the right to re‑open this Section 5 no earlier than May 1, 1997.