The Union, its members and representatives, agree that it and they will not engage in, authorize, sanction or support any strike, slowdown, stoppage of work, curtailment of production, concerted refusal of overtime work, refusal to operate designated equipment (provided such equipment is safe and sound) or to perform customary duties; and neither the Union nor any representatives thereof shall engage in job action for the purpose of effecting changes in the directives or decisions of management of the County, nor to effect a change of personnel or operations of management or of extra-help not covered by this Memorandum of Understanding.

In the case of a legally declared lawful strike against a private sector employer which has been sanctioned and approved by the labor body or council having jurisdiction, an extra-help employee who is in danger of physical harm shall not be required to cross the picket line, provided the extra-help employee advises their supervisor prior to leaving the picketed location, and provided further that an extra-help employee may be required to cross a picket line where the performance of their duties is of an emergency nature and/or failure to perform such duties might cause or aggravate a danger to public health or safety.