• The provisions of this Section shall not abridge any rights to which an extra-help employee may be entitled under the County Charter, nor shall it be administered in a manner which would abrogate any power which, under the County Charter may be within the sole province and discretion of the Civil Service Commission.
  • All grievances of extra-help employees in representation units represented by the Union shall be processed under this Section. If the County Charter requires that a differing option be available to the extra-help employee, no action under paragraph (2) of subsection 22.2 above shall be taken unless it is determined that the extra-help employee is not availing himself/herself of such option.
  • If any award by an Adjustment Board or arbitrator requires action by the Board of Supervisors or the Civil Service Commission before it can be placed in effect, the County Manager and the Director of Human Resources will recommend to the Board of Supervisors or the Civil Service Commission, as appropriate, that it follow such award.