DATE:                        November 5, 2006

TO:                  All Managers

FROM:            Casey Echarte, Employee Relations Manager

SUBJECT:      Assignment to Work at an Alternative Location


In some circumstances, it may be appropriate during the course of an investigation and/or during the Skelly process for an employee accused of wrongdoing to be kept away from his/her regular work location.

Unless required by a governing agency, this should be the exception rather than the rule, and discussed with Employee Relations and/or County Counsel prior to implementation. In determining whether to leave the accused employee in his/her regular work area, assign him/her to work at home, or to assign him/her to another location/set of duties, the following issues will be discussed:

  • Could the employee hinder the investigation by corrupting data or removing/destroying other evidence?
  • Could the employee cause further harm if left in his/her current position? (e.g. A Social Worker accused of inappropriate behavior with a child)
  • Is the employee a potential threat/danger to others?
  • Are there other governing agency requirements? (e.g. State requirement to remove a health care employee accused of abuse)

If the department determines to assign the employee to an alternative location, a letter will be given to the employee, informing him/her of this arrangement, the duration of which will be kept to the shortest amount of time that circumstances warrant.