SUBJECT: Office Space Request



DATE: February 1, 1984

  1. All requests for additional office space should be included in departmental budget requests. Departments should consult General Services by November 15, regarding any change in office space during the ensuing fiscal year.
  2. Requests for new office space must include a complete description of the activities to be conducted and the number and type of positions involved. New space requests must include furniture requirements for each person and any special needs such as laboratories, or waiting rooms of a specific size. If there is a requirement that the activity be in a particular location, that information must be included in the request.  Requests for leased space must indicate the desired term of the lease and General Service’s preliminary cost estimate.
  3. Whenever feasible, activities will be housed in county-owned space to maximize use of space and reduce the county’s cost.
  4. All requests must be submitted to the County Manager who will review them on the basis of program, operations, and budget, and will send approved requests to the General Services Department.
  5. If a request is submitted after the budget has been reviewed by the County Manager, it must indicate the source of funds to pay for all costs of occupancy including rent, remodeling, moving, telephone installation, acquisition of furniture, etc.
  6. The General Services Department will use the work station standards outlined in this memorandum as an approximate guideline in designing new layouts, estimating square footage required, and furnishing cost estimates. Space actually provided may and will vary.
  7. The General Services Department will, with the concurrence of the department concerned, prepare Board memoranda for space to be leased.
  8. If the costs were not included in its approved budget, the requesting department will provide the necessary Appropriation Transfer Request to adequately fund rental or lease payment and other costs for the balance of the fiscal year.
Net Sq. Ft.
Department Head 180
Assistant Department Head 150
Area Supervisor or Senior Division Head 120
Field Representative, District Supervisor, Administrative Head, Probation Officer, etc. 100
Clerical, Secretarial, Receptionist 65
Interview Rooms 80 (max.)
Conference Rooms 200


These figures serve as a guideline for the number of square feet per employee, or unit. General Services will add circulation and service space as necessary to determine overall space requirements.