27.1        A grievance is any dispute, which involves the interpretation or application of any provision of this MOU.

27.2        Any employee or official of the Organization may notify the Human Resources Director in writing that a grievance exists, stating the particulars of the grievance and, if possible, the nature of the determination desired. Such notification must be received within 28 calendar days from the date of the employee’s knowledge of the alleged grievance. The Employee Relations Unit will review the matter at issue and make a recommendation to the Sheriff concerning resolution. The decision of the Sheriff, if not satisfactory, may be appealed to the County Manager whose decision shall be final. Nothing in this Section shall abridge rights afforded under the Peace Officers Bill of Rights.

27.3        No Strike

The Organization, its members and representatives, agree that it and they will not engage in, authorize, sanction or support any strike, slowdown, stoppage of work, curtailment of production, concerted refusal of overtime work, refusal to operate designated equipment (provided such equipment is safe and sound) or to perform customary duties; and neither the Organization nor any representatives thereof shall engage in job action for the purpose of effecting changes in the directives or decisions of management of the County, nor to effect a change of personnel of operations of management or of employees not covered by this MOU.

27.4        County Charter and Civil Service Commission

(a)        The provisions of this section shall not abridge any rights to which an employee may be entitled under the County Charter, nor shall it be administered in a manner, which would abrogate any power, which, under the County Charter, may be within the sole province and discretion of the Civil Service Commission.

(b)        No action under section 25.2 shall be taken if action on the complaint or grievance has been taken by the Civil Service Commission or if the complaint or grievance is pending before the Civil Service Commission.