Accounting and Administrative Unit

  1. 1Premium Pay for Communications Technicians.  A premium of $5.00 per hour or fraction thereof will be paid to technicians for the time they are required to spend working on towers or poles used as antenna support structures at heights greater than 25 feet above the base of the tower or pole.
  2. Contracting and Sub‑Contracting (ISD).  The County agrees to meet with the union to discuss ongoing concerns about contracting/sub‑contracting.
  3. ISD workers who are required in writing to carry pagers after their assigned work hours will be compensated in accordance with Section 10 (On‑Call Duty).
  4. Temporary Project Manager Differential.  On a temporary basis, and when existing projects warrant, the Department may assign up to three (3) workers the duties of the Project Manager.  These assignments will be compensated via a pay differential equal to the pay level of the Project Manager.
  5. ISD Classification Assignments and Layoffs

Notification of Classification/Working Title Changes.  On the following pages the identified classifications and corresponding working titles apply to positions in the Information Services Department.  The Department will notify, in writing, any worker being permanently reassigned to a different working title.  This notification will include a copy of the appropriate job specifications.

Layoffs.  In the event of layoffs, ranking for layoff will be by seniority within groups identified below.

Bumping Rights and Re‑Training.  The Department agrees that in situations where, because of layoffs, a worker is bumped back into a position for which s/he once held the classification but may not have experience in the particular kind of expertise required of the new position, the department will re‑train the worker to assume the new duties.

Bumping into Different Shifts.  Should a worker on one shift be laid off, and then bump back into the position of a less senior worker who works a different shift, s/he will be required to take the new shift in order to maintain employment with the County.

Assignment and Layoff Chart – General Information

The following two pages identify all of the working titles used in the Information Services Department.

For both charts the far left hand column identifies the payroll classification used for all positions.  The columns on both pages identify the working titles and layoff groups within each payroll classification.

1.         Working titles in the same group listed in boxes separated by a dashed line (- – – -) are flexibly staffed.  For example, in Layoff Group 1 (Programmer-Systems Analyst), the working titles of Programmer Analyst-Systems Analyst, Associate Programmer Analyst and Assistant Programmer Analyst, are flexibly staffed.  In the Layoff Group 2 (Systems Programmer), the working titles of Systems Programmer I and Systems Programmer II, are flexibly staffed.

Working titles in the same group but in boxes separated by solid lines are not flexibly staffed.  For example, in Layoff Group 4 (Data Base Analysis), the working title of Data Base Administrator is not flexibly staffed with the Data Base Analyst I/II.

  1. In the event of layoffs all positions within a box defined by solid lines are treated as the same classification.  For example, in Layoff Group 1 (Programmer-Systems Analyst), all staff in the working titles of Programmer Analyst-Systems Analyst, Associate Programmer Analyst and Assistant Programmer Analyst, would be on the same layoff list based on seniority.
  2. Bumping from one Layoff Group to another would only be allowed if the person has held prior status in the working title {or its predecessor classification(s)} of the second Layoff Group and has more seniority.  For example, a person in the Working Title of Operations Analyst II (Layoff Group 3) could bump into a working title of Associate Programmer Analyst (Layoff Group 1) only if s/he has held prior status as an Associate Programmer Analyst.
  3. Because of the impact of technology on positions in the Systems Engineer group, the layoff groups shall be reviewed no later than three months prior to the termination of the contract.

ISD Flexible Staffing and Layoff Groups

Technical Classifications

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