13.1.    Application

In the event that an employee’s position is abolished and such employee is unable to displace another County employee as provided in Section 12 of this Memorandum of Understanding such employee shall receive one week of pay for each full year (2080 hours) of regular service to the County, and fifty percent (50%) of the cash value of their unused sick leave; provided, however that such employee shall be eligible for pay only if the employee remains in the service of the County until the employee’s services are no longer required by the department head. The County shall make every effort to secure comparable employment for the displaced employee in other agencies, and if such employment is secured, the employee will not be entitled to the aforementioned reimbursement.

13.2.    Severance Pay

Severance Pay as described above shall not be denied because a full-time employee refuses to take a position that requires twenty-nine (29) hours or less work per week.

13.3.    Health Benefits Following Layoff

The County will pay the County share of premium for nine (9) months of medical coverage only for an individual who are laid off. This coverage is contingent on the following conditions:

(1)       The individual has not refused a County job offer.

(2)       The individual is unemployed.

(3)       The individual continues to pay their share of the premium.

(4)       The coverage is for health insurance only, and does not cover dental or vision. Such coverage runs concurrently with COBRA and Cal COBRA.

13.4.    Education Stipend

If an employee is laid off and not reemployed by the County through a transfer, demotion, or displacement of another employee, the County will pay up to four thousand dollars ($4,000) for tuition or fees in payment for accredited courses or training taken within twelve (12) months of layoff, and taken for the purpose of finding new employment. The administration of this new benefit will be determined by mutual agreement between the County and the Council.