20.1.             The County shall contribute a sum equal to ninety percent (90%) of the premium for the County Plan and for the Delta Dental PMI Plan. All employees must participate in one of these plans.

20.2.             During an employee’s first year of employment with the County, there shall be a cap on County Dental Plan coverage consisting of one hundred dollars ($100.00) deductible and sixty percent (60%) usual customary and reasonable fees (U.C.R.).

20.3.             There is an annual twenty-five hundred dollar ($2,500) per person maximum benefit in the County Dental Plan.

20.4.             Children and young adult dependents of domestic partners are covered by the dental plans.

20.5.             The County shall contribute an amount necessary to provide the current vision care benefits plan for the individual employee and eligible dependents including adult dependents and domestic partners and the children and young adult dependents of domestic partners. The County will pay the entire premium for this coverage. Ten dollar ($10.00) co‑pays exist for both examinations and materials.

20.6.             The County will continue to pay one hundred percent (100%) of the premium for the Vision Care Plan.