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Telecommuting Program

The Telecommuting Program allows an employee to work at a site other than a County office. For instance, telecommuting employees may work out of their home or at another location near their residence.

In January 1992, the County and the Union agreed upon and implemented a prototype Telecommuting Program. The Union reserves the right to renegotiate the Telecommuting Policies and Procedures, as necessary, based on the results of the trial period, before further implementation of the Telecommuting Program. By the end of June, the Labor-Management Telecommuting Committee will recommend to the Board of Supervisors what policies and procedures should be adopted to continue this option to County employees.

An employee is eligible to participate in telecommuting by:

  • Completing an application requesting consideration for telecommuting.
  • Receiving management authorization to telecommute.
  • Participating in a Supervisor-Telecommuter training session.
  • Developing a written telecommuting contract with the supervisor that describes how telecommuting will be handled in accordance with County policy.

Telecommuting may be terminated at the request of either the employee or management. If an employee’s application is denied by their manager, or if the employee is removed from the Telecommuting Program by the manager, s/he will have the right to request a mediator to meet with them and the manager to attempt to develop a feasible telecommuting plan. The mediator shall be a member of the Telecommuting Committee.

Review Process

All applications, whether approved or denied, will be reviewed by the Human Resources Director and the County Manager. The Telecommuting Committee will review all approvals and denials.

For more detailed information on the Telecommuting Program, ask your manager for a copy of the Telecommuting Policies and Procedures.