40.1 Employees hired before August 7, 2011. Effective March 13, 2005, the County implemented the two percent at fifty-five and one-half (2%@55.5) retirement enhancement (Government Code Section 31676.14) for employees in Plans 1, 2 or 4.

The enhancement applies to all future service and all service back to the date of employment pursuant to the Board of Supervisor’s authority under Government Code section 31678.2(a). Government Code section 31678.2(b) authorizes the collection, from employees, of all or part of the contributions by a member or employer or both, that would have been required if section 31676.14 had been in effect during the time period specified in the resolution adopting section 31676.14, and that the time period specified in the resolution will be all future and past general service back to the date of employment. Based upon this understanding and agreement, employees will share in the cost of the 31676.14 enhancement through increased retirement contributions by way of payroll deductions and shall contribute three percent (3%) of compensation earnable as defined in SamCERA regulations. The County paid a general wage increase of pay as set forth in Section 5.1 of this MOU, and it is understood and agreed that this wage increase will help employees pay the increased retirement contributions.

Implementation of the improvements to the retirement plans described in this section shall be made in accordance with the policies and practices of the Retirement Board and any disputes relative to implementation procedures shall be settled by the Retirement Board, whose decision shall be final.

Plan 3: Non-contributory plan, Plan 3 is closed to all employees hired on or after December 23, 2012. If an employee is already in Plan 3, the employee has the option to transfer to Plan 2 or 4 after providing the equivalent of five (5) years of consecutive service (ten thousand four hundred (10,400) hours) to the County. These employees may elect to transfer by entering into an agreement with the San Mateo County Employees’ Retirement Association (SamCERA) to pay all of the incremental employee and employer contributions that would have been required if the employee had been in Plan 2 or Plan 4 since the date of employment, plus interest.