The Recognized Employee Organization, hereinafter referred to as the “Organization”, is the recognized employee organization for the Organization of Sheriff’s Sergeants Unit, certified pursuant to Resolution No. 38586, adopted by the Board of Supervisors on May 16, 1978.

2.1       The Organization may have the regular dues of its members within the representation unit deducted from employees’ pay checks under pro­cedures prescribed by the County Controller. Dues deduction shall be made only upon signed authorization from the employee upon a form furnished by the County, and shall continue: (1)

County employees who are official representatives of the Organization shall be given reasonable time off with pay to meet and confer or consult with management representatives or to be present at hearings where matters within the scope of representation are being con­sidered. The use of official time for this purpose

Except where modified by this MOU, the County retains the exclusive right to determine the methods, means and personnel by which County government operations are to be conducted; to determine the mission of each of its departments, boards and commissions; to set standards of service to be offered to the

There shall be no discrimination because of race, creed, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, legitimate employee organization activities, or on the basis of any other classification protected by law against any employee or applicant for employment by the Organization, the County, or anyone employed by the County. To the

The full time biweekly salary effective the pay period in which the Board of Supervisors approves this successor MOU for the class of Sergeant is: Step                 A                          B                         C                         D                         E Salary     $4009.60            $4239.20            $4482.40            $4739.20            $5011.20   The full time biweekly salary effective the pay period in which the

The standard work shift for employees occupying full-time positions in this unit consists of 40 hours in a 7-day period unless otherwise specified by the Board of Supervisors. For employees working twelve-hour shifts the standard work period consists of 168 hours in a 28-day period. The appointing authority shall fix

8.1       Authorization All compensable overtime must be authorized by the appointing authority or designated representative prior to being worked. If prior authorization is not feasible due to emergency condi­tions, a confirming authorization must be made on the next regular working day following the date on which the overtime was worked.

9.1       Shift differential pay, for the purpose of this Section, is defined as pay at a rate, which is one step above the employee’s base pay in the salary range for his or her class. If the base pay is at the top step, shift differential pay shall be computed

For employees who have been: (1)        regularly working a shift described in Section 9, and/or (2)        assigned to and regularly working a special job assignment enumerated in Exhibit A of this Memorandum, and/or (3)        eligible for and receiving Career Incentive Allowance for Law Enforcement Officers as provided in Section 12,

When warranted and in the interest of County operations, the department head may assign employees to “on‑call” status. Effective the pay period in which the Board of Supervisors approves this successor MOU, employees shall be paid an hourly rate of four dollars and forty four cents ($4.40) for time in

If an employee’s position is abolished and he/she is unable to displace another County employee as provided in the Civil Service Rules, he/she shall receive reimbursement of 50% of the cash value of his/her unused sick leave; provided that such employee shall be eligible for reimbursement only if he/she remains

A salary differential of Forty Dollars ($40.00) biweekly shall be paid incumbents of positions requiring bilingual proficiency as designated by the appointing authority and Human Resources Director. Said differential shall be prorated for employees working less than full-time or who are in an unpaid leave of absence status for a

The County will provide up to two (2) days paid bereavement leave upon the death of an employee’s parents, spouse, domestic partner, child, or step-child. In addition, employees may utilize accrued sick leave pursuant to the San Mateo County Ordinance Code Section 2.71.130.

Regular full-time employees shall receive either eight (8) hours of pay or eight (8) hours of holiday leave for all authorized holidays listed in this Section, provided they are in a pay status on both their regularly scheduled workdays immediately preceding and following the holiday. An employee may carry a

17.1     Medical Insurance: Regular Employees Assigned to Work Eighty (80) Hours Per Pay Period: The County pays seventy-five (75%) of the total premium for Blue Shield PPO plan (employees pay twenty-five percent (25%) of the total premium. The County pays eighty-five percent (85%) of the total premium for Kaiser

18.1    The County shall contribute a sum equal to 90% of the premium for the County Plan and the Delta Dental PMI Plan for employees and eligible dependents, including young adult dependents and domestic partners. All employees must participate in one of these plans.

The County shall provide vision care coverage for employees and eligible dependents including young adult dependents and domestic partners. The County will pay the entire premium for this coverage.

During the term of the MOU, the County and Organization shall investigate the feasibility of revising medical and/or dental coverage and/or plan(s) and strategies to integrate wellness program participation into benefit insurance cost structure including FSA debit cards. The Benefits Committee will be composed of County and labor representatives, not

Effective the pay period in which the Board of Supervisors approves this successor MOU, the employer paid member contribution will be eliminated. To offset the elimination of the employer paid member contribution to retirement, employees will receive a 5% adjustment as reflected in Section 6 of the MOU entitled “Salaries”.

22.1     For employees hired prior to July 10, 2011: The County implemented the 3% @ 50 retirement benefit consistent with Government Code section 31664.1 effective January 1, 2005 for employees in Plans 1, 2 or 4. The enhancement applies to all future safety service and all safety service back

23.1     The County shall provide $35,000 of life insurance for each employee and $500 of life insurance for the employee’s spouse and up to a maximum of $500 of life insurance for each of the employee’s children depending on age. The County shall provide an additional $5,000 of life insurance

The County shall continue to provide its present long term income protection plan for permanent employees at no cost; provided, however, that in order to be eligible, employees must have been employed by the County for 3 or more years. The maximum monthly salary cap is $2000. For new benefits

Employees in the Sheriff’s Department who must provide their own uniform and equipment shall receive $892 per annum in additional compensation to cover the cost of maintaining such uniforms and equipment; such payment shall be made on the regular pay warrant that covers each new employee’s date of employment or

When an employee has been assigned in writing by the department head or designated representative to perform the work of a permanent position having a different class and being paid at a higher rate, and if he/she has worked in such class for 5 consecutive workdays, he/she shall be entitled

27.1        A grievance is any dispute, which involves the interpretation or application of any provision of this MOU. 27.2        Any employee or official of the Organization may notify the Human Resources Director in writing that a grievance exists, stating the particulars of the grievance and, if possible, the nature of

If any provision of this MOU is declared illegal or unenforceable by a court of competent jurisdiction, that provision shall be null and void but such nullification shall not affect any other provision of the MOU, all of which other provisions shall remain in full force and effect.

Continuance of working conditions and benefits not specifically authorized by this MOU or by the Civil Service Rules or the Personnel Sections of the County Ordinance Code is not guaranteed by this MOU.

Employees assigned to the following assignments shall be paid the hourly equivalent rate of one step in the salary range in addition to all other compensation. After the completion of two years of service in an investigative capacity or the following applicable assignments, such employees shall receive two steps in

The Organization of Sheriff’s Sergeants and representatives of the County of San Mateo have met and conferred in good faith regarding wages, hours and other terms and conditions, have exchanged freely information, opinions and proposals and have endeavored to reach agreement on all matters relating to the employ­ment conditions and